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Sirloin tip roast

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Got an 8.5lb. roast tied up and ready to go. The plan is to make french dip. I injected the roast with a concoction I came up with (soy, oniion, garlic, beef bouillon, pepper, butter and water). Rub it with evoo, roast beef seasoning and refridg. overnite. Smoke at 250 until the roast hits 140 (drip to catch th au jus), rest and slice. That's it......oh and Dutchs' baked beans (1st attempt)......Wish me luck.
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That sounds great, Fritz! May we see some Qview as it goes along? Keith
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Sounds tastey, we call them tri-tips in Iowa, and useally a little smaller.
I like the S/P will some rosemarry, smoke it at around 180* for a bit ,then to a HOT grill till 125* internal and rest it, slice it, insert between a sour dough bun. My girls like it more than steak.
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This, I think, is different from a tri tip? I'm gonna sear the roast on the grill first and then smoke. I love sour dough bread but I think I'm gonna use toasted and buttered ciabatta bread this time. Plan to smoke it Sunday morning.
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sounds like a good plan fritz.
I have noticed with some roast, higher internal temp makes for more tender slices. On the other hand I like medium rare beef too. It really depends on the roast.
French rolls hold up really well with the Au jus. A good note. when making French dips, it's good to have a pack of McCormick's Au jus to mix in with the natural juices.

Jeff's rub wrapped overnight is good too.

Good luck!
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I put the roast on at 5:30am and here is a pic. I did have a problem with my ET-73 but that's another story. Looking good, Its been on for 4 hours and has only come up to about 119, I could only get the GOSM up to 240ish. The beans have been in for nearly 2 hours and smelling good.

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Looks really good Fritz! I look forward to the final product. I just might have to try one of those. A question, I was just looking at the roast in your last picture. Did you sear it on the grill before putting it into the smoker?
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Looking Good Frtiz!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Bill I did not sear it ths timemad.gif , I just ran out of time. PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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Sheesh....I forgot to update this...must have been having too much fun? Anyway, it came out great!! the ciabatta bread was perfect. I would have liked the injection flavor to come out a little more. I guess I could have let it marinade a little longer but was worried about it getting mussy. Oh, I got about two cups of au jus from the drippings. The 12" weston just arrived...wish I had it a few weeks ago..

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Those shots look realllllly good

im interested in the dip, can you please let me kno how you went about making the french dip - and how did it come out?

also with the roast leftovers - wat are some ways to use the meat

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Looks great........good job.......Tasty I bet.......
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I don't think that's a tri. Well, not the tri I seen the other day. Which was the first tri I have ever seen in "person" Have seen that roast alot tho. Maybe contains a tri? Where's that darn beef parts chart?

On edit: Ahhh
It's off the bottom sirloin. Man- lots-o-parts!
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This is not a tri tip it is a short cut sirloin tip roast and has had the bottom sirloin removed. Many butcher shops do not carry a long cut sirloin tip because it needs to be removed from the hip before you do the primal cut to separate the striploin from the top sirloin. Also when it is cut this way the top of the sirloin tip ends up on the top sirloin which is worth more money to the packing house. When preparing this cut it is important to remove the mess of little muscles and bone skin (the rats nest) from the back of the roast by following the natural seam. Most butchers will not remove this because it makes the roast a lot smaller. Looks good.
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I noticed you have two thermo probes, one for smoker temp and the other for the....why do you have a thermo probe stuck into an apple and not the meat?
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the one in the apple should have the tip pushed all the way through the apple and the reading it should be taking is smoker temp at grate level. You just cant see the other side of the apple. Some will use potatoes, i have seen some drill a hole in a small block of wood, it doesent matter just as long as the end of the probe is exposed to the air.
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Great question Vegan and very observent. I had just got a new maverick wireless and was testing the accuracy. It was early in the smoke and didn't need to have the temp of the meat (it was I used the apple because that was all I had at the time. Later into the smoke I had a probe in the meat. I also had a reading problem with the maverick (wireless laptop) and our mates on the forum helped me with that....Thanks again!!
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Great llokin' smoke!~!
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Great looking roast! Another "try-it" added to my growing list. icon_biggrin.gif
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