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I know this is an old thread, but this is the first time I have looked at it. Congrats, it looks great. I made my own out of an old deep freezer and love it. I did however spend a little too much time with it in the beginning and put on a couple of pounds. When it was completed I just felt it was only right to have at least one each night.

Pops6927, you are correct with the temp being a factor of foam. Other factors include the length of the beer line, and CO2 pressure. It take a little time to get it all set up, but it's not that bad.

I got into brewing my own and haven't put a store bought keg in it yet. Brewing is a blast and I would suggest it to everyone that likes quality beer.
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They lastythat long with the CO2, but if your buddy had a pumper dumper party tap, he did have to finish the show that night. points for being a good neighbor.
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be careful with that, I tried it that way, and the tip of the drill made my fridge into a paperweight.
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I am sorry that this is my third post on this, but I just get so darn excited about beer, amost as much about que!

I killed one fridge with a drill, so I chickened out and cut a notch in the top door seal and ran it through the wall to the goody area you see here.

1 tap for home brew and one is for regular swill.

but anyways, great job, and welcome to the kegger club.
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I know I am grave digging, but I have to add my $.02. Owning a kegerator and smoking meat are very similar, you have to monitor them closely the first few w/ lots of trial and error, then you can set and forget when it is all dialed in.

And just an added note on the life of keg beer, truthfully beer doesn't go bad it just loses that clean crisp flavor. I had one keg last 8 months...I know, WOW! It wasn't the freshest thing, but still tasted good enough to drink.
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8 months????
You need more friends. icon_mrgreen.gif

I don't think I've had one make it more than about 8 weeks.
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I like the idea of the side mount rather then the front mount... You don't have the problem with the lines getting a lot of movement when opening and closing the refridgerator. I like this a lot!

Nice job!
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Looks great!!! I want one!

I hope it wasn't a friend...a true friend would have asked before you went to bed the night before.
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Yeah, it kind of got forgotten in the winter months, so I played catch up. A new baby will do that to a keg...and yes my friends didn't come over much during that time.
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What a trooper! You probably saved the guys life. How lucky to have friends like that.

If you should ever need that kind of help yourself give me a call. biggrin.gif
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Nice job with the conversion K5YAC. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I put one together from an old fridge I had sitting out back.
Here is a link to my build if you're interested... KILLER KEGERATOR
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This thread is almost 2 years old... kind of funny that someone resurrected it.

Might as well add a quick follow up. I've pushed 8 or 9 kegs of Shiner and I'm still running on the original CO2 fill. Actually, I can barely tell that I've used any according to the tank pressure gauge. I think another guy said that he pushed 20+ kegs on his first 5lb fill. A pretty decent little project. I keep all my BBQ stuff in the kegerator (sauces, rubs, cider, etc.), which makes the wife happier since I'm not hogging the kitchen fridge. The top is still primarily used for frosty mugs.

As for keg life on CO2... I've drank from a 4+ month old keg that still tasted good. Sometimes they go slow in the winter months.
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Are you brewing your own beer, or buying kegs? Doesn't look like a corny, I figure you are buying your favorite brew in a keg at the liquor store. So, what's in the keg!? I have a beer fridge, but haven't made the change to kegging yet.

Sorry, just read the other posts and see that you're pouring shiner.
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It may be 2 years old, but since I just joined I am looking at it through fresh eyes. Well Done!

I agree with still tasting good...and it is hard to let beer go to waste, imo!

Thanks for the update.points.gif
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