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I usually smoke baby backs because my wife thinks spares are too fatty.
Do you guys trim your spares before smoking, and what is the process?
Also, once they are done, is there an "art" to cutting them? I am interested because I realize you get more bang for your $ from spares.

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Hey XTex!
I pretty much always use spares because, as you stated, much more bang for the buck. More meat/less price per pound. Do a search on St. Louis style. A while back someone posted a really good tutorial on how to trim spares this way. Be sure to save the trimmed skirt meat off the back to chop up and add to baked beans or cube and serve on toothpicks as an appeteazer!

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Interesting point of view. I haven't done spares in years because first and foremost, the wife likes BB's as she says they are meatier. But from reading on here most folks think the flavor is better with spares. The next time I do ribs I'm going to do spares just to compare. Cost wise spares appear to be cheaper but if you don't utilize the trim pieces then they are a wash. What I plan to do is trim them up St Louis style but smoke the trim pieces along with the racks. The trim pieces I'll pull the meat from to add to beans or sandwiches.

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I have always done spares just because you do seem to find them a little cheaper. The skirt trick is one of the best ideas I have found on here, the wife won't even make beans without it anymore. I also would suggest Jeff's rub and sauce if you don't have it, it is awesome.

P.S. The skirt meat is also fine if you freeze it and use it later.
Good luck Travis
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Just my opinion as a newbie... but I think spares have much more meat than BB's and at a cost differential of a couple of bucks a pound even a better value.

I will have to find those trimming instructions... my ones last weekend were a bit fatty but still delicious.
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As Always, Very Helpful Info!!!!!!!!!!!

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I very rarely will buy baby backs. Unless I see a great rack (ribs guys, ribs. biggrin.gif ) at a great price. Around here that rarely happens. I am quite happy with spares.
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yeah........on sale round's goes for 3.99/lb

and most of that bone

no thank you
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I love BB ribs but to each his own. Can't go wrong with either choice!
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I choose spares for the meat, Memphis style with the sauce on the side. I don't cut them after smokin, I still have teeth and two hands...
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around here the spares are 1.99, and the BB's are 2.99Not a tough decision when half of the spares is"undesireable" meat so I always use BB's, easy to cook, the crazy undesireable meat is non egsistant, and as far as I am concerned the BB's are more tender. I have done them both side by side, not even close!
I want my baby backs!icon_biggrin.gif
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SPARE ribs all the way for me,, lot meatier,, as for the bb`s i wait till i see a good sale on them $2.00-$2.99 a pound then I will do bb`s !!
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Like the back ribs better. Less fat, less bone, less meat. Well that wasnt very convincing. Any way I just bought a case of backs (14 slabs) at about 4$ a slab. Dont know the price / pound but it has to be good. If I could get spares that cheap then I would buy and trim them for comparison.
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Thats a pretty good price
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As far as utilizing the trim pieces, You can always add them to your stock pile and grind them to add you own homemade sausage meat. Or grind to add to meatball or loaf mix. Just a thought.
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