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I got wood!!

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lol... ok, get your minds outta the gutters.

My parents dropped off a small load of maple from their property. It's mostly smaller pieces (upto about 4" rounds) that's very well seasoned. It's probably been sitting in their shop for about 5 years.

I have been burning a couple in my fireplace and they burn hot, but fast. Almost too fast to be useful. So I was wondering if they'd make good wood for smoking?

And if so, what's the best way to chip it up?

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No reason not to use the Maple in the smoker ....

MAPLE - Smoky, mellow and slightly sweet. Good with pork, poultry, cheese, and small game birds.

I find the easiest way to cut up those small rounds is with a band saw. I can easily get "fist" size pieces that work well in my GOSM
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Nice score....don't chip, chunk it!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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There are several different types of maples. I heard that sugar maple is the variety of choice. Can any of the others be used?

As far as chunk size, with my electric I like 4-5" by about 3" rounds. My smoke element is a "U" shape (out of a Lil Chef), so I take a round and set it directly onto the element. It produces a perfect TBS. Then occasionally I just rotate it to expose new wood to the element. I usually need only one, maybe two rounds for the entire smoke session.
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Never had a bad maple. Silver, red, sugar...all are good.
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i agree with you here Rich
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