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Well here they are. .99/lb. They were larger slabs than what they had originally told me. They are more like 4 to 5 lbs. I bought two slabs yesterday. Cut one in half to use today and froze the other. Using Jeffs rub and sauce as well as the 3-2-1 method. If I don't screw them up too bad I will be up at the market buying a few more slabs tomorrow. Sales on untill Friday.
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My first impression of these ribs are they are of not very high quality. Not much of a skirt if any to speak of and trimming of the bone that runs perpendicular to the ribs was a bear. I got no extras from the trimmings to put on the smoker and add to my beans. The membrane was tack welded on came off in mostly little pieces. These are going on the smoker in about a hour. I will post q view if I am not too embarassed.icon_cry.gif
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Are those straight out of the package or did you already trim them up??
Look like some nasty BB's to me, all bone and hardly any meat!!
I don't see any tip's on those....like to see em when there done!! cool.gif
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Nope those are stright from the market. Don't have much hope for em.
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Well you get what you pay for. These were awfull! Actually threw them out last night. Driest toughest things I ever had. Going to throw out the slab in the freezer too. Not worth the lump to heat them. Not good for my first smoke. Real confidence killer. I followed Jeffs dry rub recipe to the T. The rub was the best part. I forgot to wash the ribs before I put the dry rub on. The ribs were so dry that the rub never turned dark like it says in Jeffs instructions. No juices to for the spices to soak up. That was my first hint that these were going to be a flop. Went through a whole bag of Royal Oak lump trying to keep the smoker at temp. The temp ran around quite a bit. As hot as 270 at times and then down to 160 when I would open the firebox to add more lump or the cooking chamber to spray more apple which was quite often. Sprayed with apple juice probably a dozen times trying to put some moisture into them. I could tell as the sat on the smoker how dry they were.
Also trimming these things were a real b&^%$. I got no skirt off of them to add to my beans which turned out really well despite the ribs.
I got the ribs on the smoker later than I wanted so they were still on at half time. I folied them in apple juice to try to add some moisture but even that didn't do it. I didn't even bother with the last hour unfoiled. Disaster from begining to end.
Going back to my regular butcher and going to get a REAL slab of spares with some actal meat on them. Try again. Not going to give up. Worst part was a whole bag of lump was wasted on these things.
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good for you monty...........don't give up after one failed attempt........its really the only way to learn.........we can tell you, and show you thru q-view, but experience is the real only good teacher, nothing beats it.......

way to keep your chin up
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