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Spare rib slabs .99 a pound

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Haven't been able to find large spare rib slabs other than Walmart so far and I am not buying the Wally slabs. They don't even look good in the package. Floating in solution. One of the stores I want to last night had advertised "Pork Back Ribs" at 3.99/lb. I assume these are baby backs. They were all trimmed up and cut into single serve pieces already.
I called a local market today and they told me they were getting slabs of spares in tomorrow. 3 to 4lbs per slab at .99 per pound!! Untrimmed.
So being new at this and have not shopped extensively for smoker meats is this a super deal? Should I stock up the freezer? How long will these stay in the freezer before you should use them up?
Supposed to reach near 30 degrees here Sunday so I am thinking a slab of spares before the big game.
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Buy em all!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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What Bubba said...
If you've got the freezer space then load 'em up...if you don't...I'll give you my address...

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What they said.........buy as many as you can store.

If they are the cryovac pacs, those will keep for a long, long time. Otherwise, food saver them.........will keep for just as long as cryo. If just regular grocery store quality wrap job, then wrap them in some extra plastice wrap and/or butcher paper and you should get a couple of months out of them.

Last time I found them at that price, I got 77 lbs of them........because that was all they had. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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SWEET!! I will look them over tomorrow. No sense in over buying what I will eat and wind up throwing them out in a few months. But if they average 3 to 4 lbs per slab I think I will go for about 8 nice slabs..
Thanks all!!
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Thats a good price! You should jump all over that.
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Try and pick out the smaller ones closer to the 3 lb range and also the ones with the smallest bones and buy all you can handle.
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Uuuuum, will you deliver?PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif Man, thats a steal. Go to the bank and get a loan man, buy a new freezer if you need too!
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take out a loan if you have too............nice find
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Man, nice price. We have CS ribs for .99 this week so I'm grabbing a few of those.
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cs?........new one on me
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Country Style cut of ribs.
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ahhhh........not ribs at all

pork butt with a bone, pieces
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10-4, not sure why they are called ribs, but they are pretty tasty. My wife likes them better than ribs so I fix her the country style and I get the rack of ribs.
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She is a smart woman!
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Wow, that is a great price, don't stop buying till the frezer is full! Here in So. Cal. they're going for about $1.49 a pound. Not bad... but not great.
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WOW 99cents A pound ... GREAT price, I would buy 3-slabs cook one , & if you got a vacum sealer that is a great way to freze ,,,, freze the other 2... if you don`t have a vacum sealer wrap them in alot of saran wrap 1st then you can use frezer paper and write on frezer paper what the product is & date it so you can pull out later dates 1st !!! hope that helps...
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That's a steal there $1.99 per lb. here and baby backs are $3.99 and up.
Wish I could find some for that price.

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picked up 23 lbs today at 99 a lb-trimmed to st. louis style-lotsa of pig candy-still room in the frezzer,Frys had chuck roast on sale so grabbed 20lbs. of that also-gonna be a grinding kinda day tomarrow-love my ground chuck.
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talked to BJ's about a case...80 bucks for the case and it has like 8 - three packs in it...or something close to that.... got all excited and went there after work.... all out of ribs.... something about a big game....

ship me a pick up load of them would ya....
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