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Question About Chicken Brine

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I have a questiong about brine for chicken.
I don't have any kosher salt, so would it be ok to use regular table salt in place?
Thanks for your help.
See ya,
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That's just fine but bear in mind that 1 teaspoon table salt = 1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt.
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I don't see why not. I use a mixture of non-iodide table salt, ground pepper, garlic and onion powders in my brine.
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If you have it canning salt will work in place of kosher
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I don't use table salt, though I'm sure it wouldn't hurt anything. Most table salts are iodized, and they can leave a tin like taste in your product. As someone else has alluded, good replacements for Kosher salt include canning salt and sea salt. And they have already talked about quantity adjustment.

Just another $000,000,000.02
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You will be a Kosher fan after using table... it will work, but Kosher/canning is WAY superior. BTW canning is the same as kosher, except measures 1-1 with table salt quantities.
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How about Margerita salt! LOL
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even ice cream salt will work...........
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Thanks for everybodys input. I used table salt since that was all that I had at the moment, and it worked out just fine. I did go ahead and pick up some kosher salt from the store to use next time.

Thanks again,
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What's the difference between Sea Salt and Kosher Salt?
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But I use kosher salt as margarita salt!!!
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Sea salt’s have a distinct mineral in them that your regular table salt lacks because it is unrefined, 100% natural and hand harvested. Sea salt typically has 98% sodium chloride and 2% minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and more. Sea salts are hand harvested from all over the world and that is what makes them have such a diverse taste. Being hand harvested, the sea salt still keeps the same flavor it had when it was removed from the ocean. Not only are you gaining healthy minerals, you are also getting different textures that will enhance your meal.

All these things you will NOT find in your regular table salt that is chemically cleaned, bleached and are treated with anti caking agents.
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I wouldn't use ice cream salt (aka rock salt) in anything I'm planning on eating. It has a lot of impurities in it that can cause off flavors.
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here is a explanation from the food netwerk on the difference between the diff. type of salts,00.html
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