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St. Louis Style in Ohio!!!

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Thank you all for teaching me the basics of smokin spares...With your help on the prep work I was able to cut them St. Louis style. My family and friends were very impressed and there wasn't a single piece of meat left. I had to adapt a little due to the weather and I think they could have been more tender but this was a very successfull smoke for me. I had some trouble keeping the temps steady on my home made wood/charcole smoker but I was afraid to use my electric ecb since it tends to stay around 250. ( A little high as I understand it ). So once I wrapped in foil I finnished in the oven at 225, then I ran them across the fire on a grill with sauce. Here ya go..................( One day I'll have great success and hope to find myself worthy of OTBS )
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Looks tasty. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job looks good.
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Good job!

Oh, and the 250 won't hurt them any, just adjust the cook times a bit.......250 is fine if you find you need to do them that way sometime.
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majorlee, those look tasty!!
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Congrats Majorlee ! I like your homemade smoker. This Ohio weather can be a real B....H to try to plan a good smoke.
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It looks great majorlee.
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Looks yummy majorlee. Next time you're doing some give me a shout and I'll give everyone an unbiased opinon of how good they are!icon_razz.gif I'm only about an hour north of you. Between Lima and Findlay.
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Way to go MajorLee ! Looks great.
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I love to cook for a crowd, I'm thankfull for your complaments and would welcome friends to any of my BBQs!
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Great job!

I have always smoked baby backs but I think most guys on here smoke spares. I realize that they are cheaper but I have found them to be very fatty. Do you guys trim them and what is the cutting process once they are finished?? I think I will post about this.
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I trimmed alot of the fat away and cut them "St. Louis" style. I learned how to prep them in an earlier post. After they cooked they cut just like BBs, very similar in apperence.
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I'd hammer that! great looking ribs
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I'm from ohio to when it's colder out use hardwood lump charcoal , it will help you hold your heat alot better . You can get it about anywhere lowes , menards , and I think walmart has it to.
I haven't tried trimming spares into saint loius style but I would like to learn the best way. I love saint louis style

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I perfer a lump coal but all I could find was Cowboy Lump and to be frank I'd rather use newspaper........So I resorted to Kingsford this time only.
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real good looking ribs there!!
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