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Great Burger Recipe with Q view

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5 lbs of ground beef, 60% lean
1 big Azz Bun
1 head of Lettuce
1 bottle/jar of Pickles
1 quart of Mayo
1 quart of Mustard
1 quart of Catsup
1 crash helmet, chin strap optional

serves 1

Make 1 patty with the beef. Put on a grill at 500 to sear in the juices. Then, move to the smoker at 225 and wait for an internal of 150-160, or until done.

Remove from smoker, pile on the fixins, strap on helmet and get to work. Piling homecut fries on the top is optional as well.

Although I have never tried this, I hear good things about it. This guy sent me the recipe so I can't take credit.

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LMAO....good one!
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Should be in joke's section....
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My bust but perhaps the powers that be can move it.

Look at it this way, at least it's not pulled wink.gif
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I don't see any jokes there. That is one seriously huge burger. It would sure be fun to try and tackle that thing.
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better use a knife and fork before you sprain your jaw.
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Speaking of big....I went down to Raleigh North Carolina last Sept to go to the Catapillar factory and while down there...the boys from Cat took us to a restaurnat that I will never forget as long as I live. Can't seem to recall tha name but they had scallops there the size of hockey pucks wrapped in bacon! One guy in our group had a 60 oz steak and while he didn't make it through the whole thing....he managed to put a big dent in it! Went to Richmond for a night NASCAR race and the people there were fantastic. First time in the states and I couldn't beleive the BBQ's! They were everywhere...tailgating I guess is what they call it. Now that I know I would like to go back and just walk around and spend some time checking out the rigs....lots of fun, great people and great food.
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badss............tailgating is a time honored tradition here in the states.......

if you ever go to a bluejay game........i bet they tailgate there
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Looks like you Canucks need to get away more!

hehehe, nascar folks are a fun lovin bunch of characters! Pretty rare to see any of them goin hungry or being thirsty, my kinda people!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I like your traditions Walking Dude.!!!!!
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I saw that first hand Capt Dan. There were people all over the place offering us drinks and food. Coulda got just loaded if a guy was to accept everyone's cheer!
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Thats why the serious nascar fans that travel with the races, will get to the track on weds, stay overnight at the gate to get in line for the opening on thurs, to get a good spot, and party till monday, and head off for the next event, trying to get there by weds night again. What a life. I would need a new liver for sure.
Glad ya had fun!
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yeap capt. i had a buddy years ago.......that his retired folks do the nascar circuit......but MAN........that takes a wad of cash to do that
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