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Lowly Peasant Seeks Knighthood

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Hi everyone!

After looking around on this site for a couple of weeks now - I was wondering how to become an "OTBS" member/knight.

I know I don't have a lot of experience yet - but I have great aspirations!

Just curious icon_smile.gif


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The general rule is you have to be friendly towards everyone, especially the new members. You have to have been a member for a certain time frame, 3 or 6 months, something like that. And you have to have posted pictures of your smoking accomplishments, better known as QView.

Give of your time, and your talent and you shall obtain immortality!
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Ken here is a thread for you to check out concerning the OTBS.
Please read it.
Below are the new criteria..

Originally Posted by Dutch
It is time to reopen the OTBS thread. Here are the criteria for nomination:

The Nominee should
1- be a SMF member in good standing.
2- be active in the forums for at least 3 months.
3- knows and be able to demonstrate the art of the thin blue smoke by posting q-vue of a successful smoke.
4- willing to share tips and recipes.

There will be now be three types of nominations; General; Special; and Self-nomination.

General Nominations to the OTBS can be made by anyone.

Special Nominations to the OTBS are made by the Moderators and/or Admin. This nomination is made in recognition of a member’s Outstanding contributions to SMF.

Self-nomination to the OTBS will still be permitted but the candidate must post their request to a Moderator for consideration. This candidate will be held to a higher standard and closer scrutiny. Once the request has been discussed by the Moderators and the candidate deemed worthy, the request for OTBS membership will be granted.

Once a person is nominated and the nomination has been seconded, they will be placed on a “Squires†list for a period of time.During this time, their posts and interactions with forum members will be monitored.
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what allen said.............nice cover there allen
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Welcome to the SMF, Ken
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Welcome to the smf.... Lots of great people here and great info too..... Hope to hear about your smokes and see your q-view.....

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I guess I won't make it till I fork out a few hundred bucks for a new camera
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few hundred bucks for a digi??????.........dude.........look around...........they aren't THAT high
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"what's the best way to get to Carnegie Hall?"

Practice, Practice, Practice.
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LOLOLOL..........good one rich.........
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Anybody gonna tell him he also has to buy the
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Don't scare him away, Bubba!
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Ken welcome to smf!!!!!!! Best of luck with all your smokes!!!!!!!!!
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welcome to the site, I admire your enthusiasm! There are some mighty fine folks who are knights of the OTBS, and alot more of us who aspire to get there. It all takes time, some work, and dedication. I am not exactly sure of the totals right now, but probably less than 10 percent of the members are nights. When I grow up someday, I want to be one too!PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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When I grow up someday, I want to be just like me.

Welcome aboard Ken.
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Welcome to the board Ken!

crockadale....that was funny.biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the forum. Hang in there grasshopper with wisdom comes rewards
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Welcome to the forumicon_exclaim.gif. These are some of the friendliest folks you'll find! Keith
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