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Hi from Canada's Capital ...

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yep .. another newbie from the great white north, cheers all. Im no pit master yet, but i have been doing this for about 5 or so years. I've done the ribs, the butts and most things pork, and am moving on to cold smoke.
Have two Q's silver and a one touch gold, but am looking to replace a smoker that I gave to a buddy last fall, because I thought I could effectively smoke with the one touch gold (weber kettle).
Im looking at a propane box smoker ... any comments suggestions?

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Welcome to the forum, D-mo. You'll have fun here for sure!

If you're looking for a good gasser, many of us here use the GOSM with excellent results. I, myself, have two and I've been real happy with them.

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Welcome to the SMF, a place for all to share and enjoy. many members use the GOSM propane smoker, including myself. Do some research before you buy... it's worth the wait. Have a good smoke!
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Welcome from your neighbor to the south. The Weber kettles do some things very well and I use mine often but as already stated the GOSM is widely used and more versatile in my opinion. I use my GOSM more that the Weber because of the ease of using the propane heat source over charcoal. Just depends on what I'm smoking.

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Welcome to the SMF! Seems someone was just mentioning a Canuck equivalent for a Masterbuilt? Hmmm

Anyway, howdee from the Great Lakes State just across a couple bridges.
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Welcome d-mo, good to have you
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Welcome, always glad to see another Canuck on board ....
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Welcome the the SMF, D-Mo
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Welcome aboard.
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Welcome to SMF !!!
I have electric, propane and charcoal/stick smokers; what I use all depends on what I am smoking, the time of the year it is and what other things am doing off my "honey do list" while I am smoking. If I am busy and will not have time to babysit the temp I use a MES. If I am smoking alot of sausage I use the propane. In warmer weather and I have time to watch the temp I like using the charcoal/stick for ribs and just about any meals. Right tool for the right job.
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Welcome to the forum.
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D-mo welcome to smf and may all your smokes go smooth!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the smf. Great place here and great people.

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