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Hamburger in a Can

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I saw this one today.. I almost fell out of my chair!

Here is the full story...

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Looks nasty.
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may the gods step in

somewhere out there god is watching whats happening to our world..may please cause a flood where this is made I MEAN OH MAN HELP US..
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Betcha that's tasty.......and for only under 4 euros.....
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Hey Bubbly

See You Saw What I Saw..omggggggggggggggg Help Us
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Looks as if it might be C.C. (canned crap)...
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ceeeeeeeeee dude i like your thinken
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Thats just wrong.........

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That ain't right!!!!
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You see.. they probably thought that since beer came in a can that all good things can come in a can!
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Let me chime in here. I actually had one while climbing Cotopaxi and Chimborazo in Ecuador. It wasn't all that bad, we took some to give us a break from freeze dried food. So at 16,000 feet it tasted ok. If you go to the website they're actually made for trecking not general consumption. So, if you've been eating freeze dried food for 15-20 day's anything different tastes good especially at altitude, trust me on that.
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Like my grandpa used to say "He just ain't hungry enough yet..." Smart old dude...
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Well, I don't think it could be any worse than the canned meats that came in the old C or K rations or the 1st generation MRE's. But if you had been eating dehydrated foods for awhile, I imagine even the the can would look good. icon_rolleyes.gif
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ME EITHER!!!!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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I do not like cheeseburger in a can
I do not like them Sam-I-am

Remember the lesson of Sam-I-am and his friend. He worked tirelessly to get him to try green eggs and ham. Maybe you just need some more nudging before you will try it...

Would you could you, in a box?
Would you could you, with a fox?

Would you eat it with a goat?
Would you eat it on a boat?

On a train, or in a tree?
Try them, try them, you will see!

I'll throw in a can of fries and a can of pop to wash it all down! Then you can take it to the recycler and get some of your money back!

(and no, I ain't tryin' it either!)
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Oh my god AJ I almost pissed on myself when I read that. Thanks for making my Friday.
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I looked around the site and found the rest of the story at this page:

It doesn't come out looking like the pic above.
I guess if you were out trkking for a few days it wouldn't seem quite as bad!
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Now that, I can understand.smile.gif

Interesting link Habaneroman! Thanks for sharing.
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Try a couple of days of my wifes cooking, that can looks pretty damn tasty to me.
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