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tips for smoking a ham for pulled pork

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I'll be smoking a ham for pulled pork thursday night and I'm lookin for any tips.

Also need some info for reheat instructions, so we can heat it up for the super bowl. thanks
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I have done hams and pulled them, but they a will be a bit on the dry side. If the skin is still on, it won't be so bad tho. Make sure to inject it, using some butter in the mix. Mop it often, and make sure to have a goodly amount of finishing and or BBQ sauce. I'd also recommend foiling at 160-ish and an oven finish at 325, as this will help conserve moisture in the meat.

To reheat, just put a lil moisture on it (I like a bit of beer) in a baking pan, cover and pop into oven.
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Good to see you duffy, I am just West of you in Uvalde. I like to coat hams with mustard an then put on a rub. That is a big piece of meat and requires a lot of rub. I would smoke it until it reached the color that I liked and then foil it in heavy duty aluminum foil, finish cooking and store wrapped in foil until you get ready to reheat.
To reheat, I would leave wrapped and either place it back on the smoker at 225* or place it in the oven at the same temp until heated thru. Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce and Jeff's finishing sauce would be on the side. Good luck.

Question: Is this a ham from a domestic hog or a wild hog?
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When you say Ham, are you refering to a rear leg of a pig or an actual "cured" ham? Both are the same piece but you cannot smoke a cured ham for pulled pork, actually even an uncured ham would be hard to pull, very lean and not enough fat to break down....
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Its the "uncured sort". From a hog that I got from work a while back. thanks for the tips yall
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I have done ham before do like you do a butt. I know a guy that ham is all he ever do for pull pork
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Ham or picnic???
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ahhhhh............k...........i was wondering.........never seen a pulled CURED ham.......BUTT is it possible?
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went to the store last night to buy a few things, I managed to find just a small BUTT that I can slip onto the grill when smoking the ham for pulled pork. So if the ham don't work out too well then I got pulled pork one way or the other. Can't wait to start rubbin those meats up the night before let alone walking out side to my ECB with thin blue smoke trickle'n out the top.

I can't wait for this weekend so bad that it seems like it's gonna be christmas and i'm 7 years old again.

I guess because this will be my first attempt at Pulled pork so I can't wait to do it.

But let me get this right, use Jeffs rub that I bought, wrap it up in plastic over night, then smoke it while spraying some (I'm thinking I'll use some woodchuck draft apple cider that the wife so loves mixed with _______ not sure about the rest) so spray it every hour after it hits 100, wait till meat gets to 165 then foil it up, let it hit 205 then wrap up in towels and sit for 1 hour.

then Im planning on makein up some of Jeffs finishing sauce. Man I can't wait!icon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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sounds good

fill in the blank with Capt. Morgans Spiced Rum
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thanks Dude, now i have a reason to buy some! I'll have to do so on the way home tonight then.
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