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Andouille & Italian

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Finally got to the sausage this week. About 15lbs of Hot Italian, and around 6 of Andouille. Turned out really nice. Was able to cold smoke the Andouille in the big chief since it's been to cr@ppy here to work on the new smokehouse. Ran about 5 hrs of smoke with pecan and cane sugar and it smells awesome. Now just have to get the smokehouse done so I've got room for big batches!!

This really put my little grinder/stuffer through a workout, but it never balked once! Handy
little gadget.

and yes, I cleaned it up when I finished!
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Very nice looking sausages you have there !!! What ya have hanging behind your meat grinder?

Made Italian for quite a few years but just made Andouille for the first time this season; I do have to say Andouille is a great tasting sausage.....
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That would be the Pancetta. It's about 4 days into a 2 week hang.
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Nice work! you find that you get too fine a grind on the meat using the stuffer/grinder? Before I bought my old Enterprise, I could never get the coarse grind styles to be coarse enough, because the feed auger "mashes" the mix when run thru for stuffing.

Nice tie on the pancetta :{)
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Great looking sausage.... Hope you get the new smokehouse done soon. Post pics of it when your done with it......

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Yes I do. It's not devastating by any means, and the Italian turned out quite well this way. The Andouille probably could benefit from larger chunks of fat throughout which would come from a dedicated stuffer. As it is, I pulled out the sizing plate and ran the ground meat through just the pusher and tube and it worked pretty well. I could further enhance it by dicing the shoulder smaller when it goes in the fridge with seasonings and then grind and stuff all in the same operation, but with this machine, that would entail stopping to clear the sizing plate from buildup of connective tissue which could be a pain.
I've got another identical machine on the way, and I'll custom tune the grinding plates for a larger grind to help with future batches.
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Ahhh... perhaps keep your eyes open for a deal on a stuffer as well. Still, great job!
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WOW !!! I made some andoullie last year, awsome stuff !!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I have the same grinder/stuffer. Thats what I have done in the past, cut small and season and let set overnight. I just made a batch of polish a couple weeks ago and it turned out real good. If I could of found the nylon spacer I had made to eliminate the cutter I would have cut larger chunks and not let it set overnight. The spacer worked pretty good but you still have the auger to deal with. I do need to get a stuffer.
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i just bought a 5lb vertical stuffer for 89 bucks from "the sportsmans guide" online. same model i'd seen elsewhere from 129 to 149$

im very happy with it but of the three tubes it comes with the 3/8 isnt one of them. (needed for making snack stix with the 19mm casings)
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Well, we've had some time to cook up the sausages, and both are terrific! The andouille is extremely good! I can see now, I didn't make near enough and will need to do another larger batch this month! The pecan wood smoke worked perfect.
Now, if the dang snow would clear out, I could get to work on the smokehouse or whatever I end up building/using. Just need more room for hanging!

Have some pepperoni sticks to smoke later today too. Should be good eats!
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Don't know how I missed this thread...
Great looking stuff Golfnut!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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