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Christmas was GOOD!

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If you haven't seen my first smoker, it was a galvanized trash can (check my earlier posts). I've hoped for a while that the wife would like the results from the can so much, that a more worthy smoker would find its way onto a christmas list. Well, thanks to some smoke sessions that rolled momma's eyes back in her head (and some saved up combat pay from Iraq), I have finally graduated. Picked up this baby the Saturday before Christmas and had the turkey and ham in there on Christmas morning. Without a doubt the best tasting of either that I have ever had! Three weeks went by and I had the smoking itch, so I did 8 whole chickens. This weekend for the big show, I'm going to give a go at some 3-2-1 ribs, my first try at smoking ribs. Will post the results!
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man, what a nice xmas present. I am envious! nice qicon_wink.gif
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Now that is one fine smoker! And the Q looks great too. With that smoker, I'd say that the ribs will be a slam dunk. Hope you enjoy them along with the game this weekend. And by the way, Thank You for your service.
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Thanks for the thanks, I'll be retired soon, hope I don't miss it too much!
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Thats a sweet smoker. What brand of smoker is it? Never seen one like that.

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Is a custom job I found on Craig's List. A 19 year old kid out of Sebring, FL made it at his brother's welding shop. Said he came up with this design in a dream one night. Verry happy with it!
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Very cool looking smoker.

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Excellent QView, congrats !!! But I really like that smoker, I have to watch CraigList more often !!!
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Nice looking smoker and looks like you did a fine job with those birds!

Thanks for your service.
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Great looking yardbird there, Seboke. I'm sure the ribs will be great as well. Don't forget the Qvue.
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Seboke great q-view and Christmas present. I think you are in for the long haul!!!!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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