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mesquite breasticles Q-View

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I cut boneless/skinless chicky breasticles into 3rds (tender and then in half)and sprinkled with a sweet and hot rub then wrapped them in bacon and cooked them over hot lump with mesquite smoke.

I had tossed a couple of pounds of fingerling potatoes in EVOO, Kosher Salt, Cracked pepper, garlic and Rosemary then roasted them.

added some mandarin oranges and A fork and it was a good dinner

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Excellant Q-view, good looking dinner! (or breakfast)
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WoW that is some sweet looking chicken. Now I gotta add this one to my gotta try list. Keep it up.

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Good looking grub there.

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yummy yummy breasticles!
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Looks great, nice q-view.
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Nice job! Have not seen those potatoes round here in a while. Usually I use redskins, or quarter bakers length-wise.
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Looks Great

Looks great and thanks for the q-view!!!!!!!!!!!
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Looks Delicious

Nice looking Q... What was your smoker temp and time. I sure would love to try it...
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Really nice.

You guys gotta quit with these Q-Views. My list of things to smoke is getting longer and longer. icon_smile.gif

Excellent looking grub.
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I have to agree with Big E on the list getting too long, but that's some might tasty looking eats. Great job PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Fabulous!! That is makin me hungry!!
I like the idea of wraping them in Bacon... Bacon is good!

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I put them on @ 425F for 20 mins turning once at 12 min mark. I started the potatoes on the cooker and finished them in the oven so I didn't have to add the extended grids to the XL Oval
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Mighty fine, might fine!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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good looken q-view thanks now to the store for breasts (chicken that is)
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Now that is some great looking chicken. How long did you cook them
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Great looking q-view!!!
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Mr. B looks mighty tasety to me. Good looking chow!
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