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Hello from Canada

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Just joined this forum a couple of days ago because I was impressed with the amount of good advice from friendly members here.

I am located just north of Toronto and have used a "Centro" electric smoker since 9 month. This smoker is identical to the "Masterbuilt" sold in the USA. So far I mainly hot-smoked trout, mackerel and salmon with great success. Now I'm aiming to do some cold-smoking of salmon which will need some modifications to be done to my smoker.

I am of 38 vintage (translation: 70 years old) but eager to learn more all the time. After all, what we learn after we know it all is what really counts.

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Welcome to SMF!
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Welcome aboard. This forum is awesome, you'll love it here.
By the way, how do you like the Centro? I am considering on purchasing one.
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome to the smf. Glad to have you here.. Lots of good advice and good poeple here...

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Welcome from Hockeytown...LOL! Gotta get ya into butts and brisket! Welcome to SMF!
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Welcome to the smf. Lots of great folks and good advice. smile.gif

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Welcome to SMF!smile.gif
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Welcome to the forum Eh. wanted to speak your lingo to make you fell at home.
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Hi bb53Chefpro,

I really like the Centro and it performs very well and better than I expected from some of the older reviews that I read. Those reviews were mainly on the older model that did not have the latch for the door and which did not have the adjustable vent on top. I am not soaking the wood chips and only use a handfull at a time. That usually lasts for 3/4 hrs of smoke generation.

I considered the Bradley smoker originally but was reluctant to commit to using only their proprietary biscuits for smoking. I also thought that the price was rather high. I'm glad that I chose the Centro.

I will make some modification to use an external smoke generator to allow me to do some "cold smoking" which should be done at a temperature not higher than 80 F.

Regards, Hassy
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Thanks for the input, I am really interested it it but not had a chance to even see one up close in person. Non on the store floors yet. They should be out in about a month.
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Hello Fellow Canuck!

Welcome to SMF... these folks here know what they are doing. This is the Holy Grail of Smoking. I am very new but find that I have learned a ton by asking questions and reading other posts.

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Hassy welcometo smf and hope you have fun with us!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the SMF! Make sure to do the 5 day Smoking Course by Jeff... it was very helpful to me!!

Have a great time smokin!
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Welcome to the forum, Hassy. Interested in hearing about the hot smoking of fish. Wanting to do some of that myself.
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Well hello and welcome to the SMF, a fun place to be. With all the fish that you've smoked, are you a fisherman? If you are/or rnot... read around the forums, there is a lot of great advise to help you along the smokin' road.
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