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Some SOB stole my smoker! - Page 2

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I am sorry to hear that.

I hate reading about things like this, it just p*sses me off.

If you have a pic to post we could help look in the auction areas of the web with you.

Putting out fliers or posters locally could help as well.
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That is way low. As was mentioned about keeping an eye out on Ebay be sure to check out your local Craigs list and your pawn shops too.
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Yeah, It stinks. Finally settled down some. Never got around to taking pictures, guess I'll have to start. The thing that bugs me most is, they probably won't even use it, being stainless, I have the terrible feeling they simply scrapped it out! That would be the greatest shame of all! Used to be you could trust people, but I guess I need to quit living in the past (which I hate to do) and start playing by todays rules.

Well, Have to start working on designing the next unit. Think I might go a bit smaller so I can keep this one in the garage. Might go electric this time too. Just have to set and think on it some more. Thanks for all the thoughts. Keep an eye on your stuff, cause someone else probably is!

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Both Dutch and I specialize in security. Drop me a PM and I'll see what can be set up, no profit on my end.
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sounds like a inside job to me.
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Your stolen smoker sounds similar to my set up. If me posting a pic of mine helps descibe yours, I hope it will help.

If the thiefs are caught, I hope their nuts get nailed to a stump and they tip them over.
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Sorry to hear about the loss of a smoker, I have cheap one's but when it comes to a smoke you don't mess with his smoker/or his toy's. My smokers are my toy's, Good luck in finding it
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when you build the replacement document the process so I can build one.
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May the thief and their friends get food poisoning on their first try PDT_Armataz_01_38.gif . Sorry about your loss. I hate a thief!!

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Aside from the fore mentioned monitoring of ebay and Criagslist might want to watch to see if someone joins these forums from your area. Long shot but ya never know.
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