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Some SOB stole my smoker!

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Man am I burnt!!

Came home from a weekend away and my smoker is gone! I can't believe it, it is one I had built myself out of a single door stainless steel freezer, had hot and cold smoke features and ran on propane. Man some people, nobody in the neighborhood has seen anything. icon_mad.gif

Jeez, guess I'll have to start collecting parts to build another one. Think this one is going to stay in the garage now!

Bummed for now:
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Sorry to hear that. It's one thing to steal an easily replacable item but it's a whole nother game to steal a custom smoker.

Hopefully, someone in the neighborhood is playing a cruel practical joke.

Good luck
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dang damn I so sorry,I hate a thief!!!!!!!!! My bro's $800 tiller stolen last week-third 1. I glad I live where I do-we look after each other,and shoot & ask questions later. sorry for your loss.
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Thats irritating damn low lifes And we do the same here. We use the three S's S.S.S. here to Shoot, Shovel and Shut up
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I live alone, for now, in a really out of the way spot. Here we also do the SSS method. But a sneak thief needs to be treated a bit differently.

I have a lot of valuable equipment about and it is all under surveillance 24/7. Two motion detector game cameras and a wide angle digital camera with a remote recorder.

Got back a chainsaw and contacted another dude I saw "taking a look around".

They really think twice when you produce their picture, to include a license plate.

I feel for your loss. Something you created was stolen and the purp will never appreciate the work and spirit you put into it.

Invest in a bit of protection.

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Sorry to hear about the loss of the smoker.
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Man that really sucks! One you built and stainless to boot. I moved mine from my back drive to my old patio slab at my wifes insistence after she realized how much time and money went into it. Hope something good turns up for you.
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That really stinks!!! I'd like to poke someone right in the eye with a hot rod that messes with another mans stuff!!
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Wow sorry to here about your loss. Make's it even worse the time you spent building it. Hope you find the person(s) who have taken it.
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Man that sucks..... Sorry to hear about it............ I would invest in a shot gun..... Well hope you either find the smoker or get a new one......

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Tip, If you have any pictures be sure and post them so we can keep an eye out on ebay and places like that.

Sorry to hear about things of that nature and would like to string a thief up by the b_ _ _ _'_!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Thats a tough one, does your insurance cover anything like that. Something good will come from it, maybe you have a better design or ideas for the next one, hopefully funded by insurance.
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Keep an eye on Ebay and your local Craigslist--maybe it will turn up. That's a bummer. Good luck with your next build.
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Yep...that really sucks dude. As Monty said...I would post a pic or two...can't hurt. Even thou I don't have survailance, I put up the signs just to deter anyone and make them think I do have it. I even put up a BEWARE of Dog sign and had the gas Company call me one day at work as they were leaning over the back gate trying to call my dog that I didn't have and they were scared as hell to enter the back yard for fear of getting bit. Then I told them the truth that I didn't have a dog and they were a little miffed...but hey...does the job in most cases thou....just seems to keep people out! Whoever took that unit...didn't do it alone and to print off a couple of pics and offer a reward often works as well. Post them in common area's to your place....never know. Even if its a small reward ...its amazing what people will do for money. Chances are...whoever took it...cased you out or knew you were leaving! Monty is right thou....one doesn't have to spend a lot of money investing in a survailance system ...I know I am going to. In todays world we often have to take measures and think like a thief at times in order to protect our belongings. A hundrd years ago we used to hang horse theives and there weren't too many of them suckers around....what the hell happened with that anyway? Stealing someones smoker should be just cause to lynch someone in my mind. Sorry for your loss bro...Hope it turns out for ya.
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Sorry to hear of such an atrocity. If there is a silver lining in all this would be that no one was hurt. Good luck in your recovery efforts.

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Sorry to hear that, they probably don't even know how to use it. Good luck, hope it turns up.
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Sorry to hear about your loss. Hope it turns up and comes home soon.
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What a low down thing to do!
Sorry for your loss, hope you get it back.
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Man. that is one bummer, hits you below the belt. When you finish your next smoker, I'd tie a pitbull to it and have a sign around his neck that says "I have AIDS". I would definetely consider a way to bolt that puupy down into concrete. let us know what kind of parts you need, we might have some spare stuff to send you. I've got an extra wire ( for 4 grids) rack track that was for a GOSM, they sent the wrong part. I'll post a new thread with a pic.
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Are you serious... man that really stinks!!

I hope that whoever stole it, doesn't even know how to use it! Can you use your homeowners insurance to get a new one??

Well... my next smoke will be for you my friend... best of luck!
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