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Boston Butt How Long??????

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[I have a GOSM 3405GW smoker.Smoked some London Broils and did the 123 pork ribs and all went great. Only used the door thermometer for internal heat and a nice digital meat prob for the meat.

Now I got my first try at a Boston Butt it was 6 and 1/4 pounds. Figured 9 to 10 hours to do. And that included the wrap time in cooler for an hour. Started smoking @ 8:30 am. Cooked at 220 to 225 for 9 hours just got to 160 degrees. ?????? Seem like the Plato was around 157 degrees. At this point I wrapped with foil and cooked in oven at 250 degrees. total time 12 hours and the meat was 195 degrees. No time to put in cooler kids and wife wanted to kill and eat me. I pulled apart and served. Is this normal or should I invest in a good oven thermometer? Could that been the problem? Actually cooking at a lower temp. then thought.icon_question.gif

The butt was good and tender with good flavor. Was practicing for my sons graduation party. looks like I will do them the day before thou.PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif


Thanks all
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Plato? I liked him. Schmart feller. fart schmeller? Aww Grandpa! Just get a digital for the grate level. Prolly cheaper, and assuredly more accurate, especially given the novices' ability to read an analog meter.
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You can usually figure 1.5hrs cooking time @ 225-240.

That would have put you in the 9-10hr range before resting.

For your temps 12hrs should be just about right on.
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Richtee to the recue again. Always use a tested therm when smokin', cookin', you know what I mean. They'll work for grate and meat ( with a probe), a got to have item.
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Yeah, you really need to know what is going on a grate level. That being said, hard to say much of anything after just one butt.........but it sounds about "normal"........but on the long side of normal to me.

I cook around 240 or so (or so meaning higher PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif ) and usually have the cooking wrapped up at around an hour/pound. After you do a couple more (and know for sure what temp you are cooking at), you can adjust from there.

Don't be afraid to bump the temps up, you finished it at 250......doing the whole cook at that temp won't hurt a butt any.
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Thanks all for the feed back. I'll get another thermometer for the oven (grate) and try around 240 to 250 degrees next time. And Richtee even spell check can't help me LOL.
You all are great. (grate or is it graet) lol just kidding.
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I use an analog therm for grate temp, but a digital would definitely be more convenient. Had one go out on me this weekend, so I've got to keep using the analogs until I can get another digital. Great looking butt though.
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smokin jr had a butt just yesterday that KICKED his butt............can't remember how long it took, but it was forever...........

you have to remeber.......each piece of meat acts on its own.........times are just a guess AT BEST..........i go with the 1.6 hours per lb, and get pretty close........but still........each piece of meat has its OWN plateau.......its own time.........

i also don't wrap and rest for a hour.......i tent for 1/2 hour, then pull........its werked so far for me..........just ask smokebuzz
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Lotsa great advice for you to consider. I do foil mine, but at 170-180, not at the platue. I also pull it at 200-205(off the cooker) and rest in new foil /cooler/towel for at least1 hr, 2 if I can. I think the best advice is..........keep working at it, you have the basics as far as how to cook and what temps, what you do with it towards the end, is a matter of preference, and once you find something that you and your family/friends like. You can build on that. If you are like me, you will always be looking for the extra lil thing that makes your Q special. Thats the best part of this hobby/fasination of bbq. I want to quote something from a book I just finished, Peace, Love, and Barbeque, by Mike Mills. This book is a great read, has some good recipes, and a whole lot of stories and anologies to great bbq joints and the folks who run them.

Quote: There is no such thing as a "typical" barbequer.These people are simple yet complicated, humble yet confident. Many have cultivated that "good ole boy "persona, yet they are razor sharp underneath. Some were borninto barbeque, and others embraced it later in life. For many of us, barbeque has sent our children to college, and barbeque has saved more than one man.
Through the years, here's what I have learned: Barbeque soothes the soul, its simple in philosophy and rich in tradition. It's an art and a craft, a love and a passion.Its provided me with a live full of friendship and love.

end of quote from the book.

I couldn't describe it any better, and Mike Mills knows what he speaks about BBQ.

Thought you folks would get a kick out of it. Hope I didn't highjack this too badly!
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WD, Jr's butt woopin came from a stubborn "chuck". I guess its the same part of a different animal!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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yeah.........i noticed that later................can't remember who it was yesterday that had a butt giving em problems.........the dude with the two butts on one rack

my bad
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The best butts i have been turning out have been around the 12 hr mark... but had one or two only make around 10 hrs... got lucky i guess.... about the same size as yours.... i rub... put on til they reach 145ish... then i spray lightly.... with dark rum, worshestershire and apple juice.... til they get to 165 then foil til it reaches 195.... leave in foil - wrap in a bath towel... rest for an hour... then pull.... Smoker temp pretty close to 225 the whole time... I have been usin' SouthFlaQuer's finishing sauce... Family and friends have been really pleased !!
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Smoking Butts

Sounds like you did a great job on your Butt. I have to say it took me several times to quit freaking out about the plateau phase. I thought all of my equipment had gone haywire. I even dug out the infrared gun and took readings.

Anyway I cook at 180-190 on the smoke cycle of the Traeger. Run that for about 10 hours then ramp up to 225. I have done both wrapped and continue to cook to 190+ or pull and wrap at 185 and place in the ice chest. Both seem to work well. I have tried pork from a number of sources as well and have had little deviation in flavor and moisture.

I would also have to add that the finishing sauce posted by the Florida guy is right on. Reminds me of my grandmothers Q in Georgia in the 1960s.

Keep up the smoking and and good eating.
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