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While smoking a piece of pork loin this weekend, my wood caught fire and flamed up for a few minutes before I could correct it. The meat was ok other than the bark, which was a little bitter.

I noticed a little of the black creosote inside the smoker after I had finished. My question is, will I need to clean this stuff out? Will it effect stuff cooked later?

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Maybe hit it with a brush... remove any loose stuff that might fall on the food, or soot up your hands. If ya feel ya gotta wash it, remember to re-season the smoker.
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After using my GOSM for three years i decided to clean it out. I removed the burner and took it to the local do it yourself car wash. I pressure washed it to remove all the loose gunk that it had accumulated. I put the burner back on it and ran it for 30 minues on high to dry it out. It worked out well.
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flame up is just a little heat spike. It will take some pratice. If your bark is biter, your smoke maybe a little to thick.You'l want it to be thin and blue not white and/or billowing.
A little build up is the smoker is normal, as long as it's not flaking off you'll be fine.
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What glued2it said. The key is not to have the big white smoke clouds coming out of your smoker.
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Thanks guys.

My past couple of attempts had turned out great, with just the right amount of smoke (for my taste). But this one was a little bitter. I figured it was when the wood caught fire, the temp started up and the smoke was billowing.
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A clean smoker is a new smoker, I just knock off the chunks kick the tire and light the fire. But thats me
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Like everyone already said ... clean with a brush... and remember your exhuast stack should always stay all the way OPEN!!! use intake to adjust for temp.... if your tryin to "keep smoke in" with your exhaust you will build a lot of creosote... Bad, uncombusted stuff.. very bad stuff....
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When you do clean it. Cover the burner holes or remove the burner. The Stuff falling in the burner could clog it up and make it burn abnormally. Which could lead to other problems.
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what kind of wood were you using, a little flare up wont cause a bitter taste just a heat spike
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As far as the taste you mentioned. As long as your applying the thin blue smoke, it will continue penetrating the meat through the duration. The smoke ring will stop developing at 140º.

You will recosider the "for my tatse" .PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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