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Chicken, Beans, and Abt's! YUM!!

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Brined chicken 1/4's over night. Rubbed with magic dust. Onto the smoker they went. Smoked with Oak and Apple for just over 3 hours. The last 15 minutes applied some Brazo's Tequila Q-sauce and put them on the grill!
WOW! Sauce was great 1st time I ever tried it. Was a gift.

Dutch's beans and Abt's with cream cheese, garlic, and some cheedar.
Had a salad for my green's.

Oh and the TBS!

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Good looking chow you got there.
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I am hungry again, now that I saw that. That's awesome.
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Looks good, nice meal.
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Nice Alan!
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Alan........what a spread......nice


i see TWO ecb's, the char-grill, and another horz. to the seem to be a smokin fool..........nice
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Nice looking grub.

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Yeah, Dude...1 ecb with mods the other is stock. That's what I started out on. The other Horz. by the CG is my Silver Smoker.
That was actually burning to. I was re-seasoning it.
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btw.......when ever a meat box gets sent this way.......fill the rest of the box up with apple wood.........heeheheheh
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I might could do that.icon_rolleyes.gif
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Great looking food DS!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks real good. You say that sauce was great huh??
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Yeah it was very good. I would buy it again. Sold at World Market.
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