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My cold smoker - Page 2

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Great minds think alike?icon_mrgreen.gif
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I think so ; Look out theres that green face again! hehehe
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LOL!! Looks just like me!
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Those calf fries will get ya every time!!!
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LOL! It's not the calf fries that get me....I think it's the beach and rum combination.
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No green there... maybe a lil red with a sunburn but no green face ;)
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You must be looking on the wrong beach...icon_mrgreen.gif
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I guess PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif Well I got rum and beaches here... So I will go look for green faces.
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How was the cheese, Cowgirl? It all looked like it was going to be real good.
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goat, everything turned out great...the cheese too. I double wrapped what cheese I didn't use and put it in the freezer.
My olives are gone, the peanuts and pecans are almost gone. lol

I used some of the smoked season salt on some beef short ribs the other was good.

Also had some of the smoked mixed pepper blend on a baked tatoe........not bad!
I've decided to make a batch of sopapillas for the smoked honey.

Making plans for my next load..........forgot to smoke some

I didn't get a good picture of the stuff in the smoker when it was finished.
It was too dark out and I was to cold......even after hanging out around the fire ring.

The finished things are in the picture on the table.
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Sounds good... Be there tomorrow...
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Bring some fish Vlap....and basil.biggrin.gif

I forgot to say.....Please?
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hehehe... anything else?
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Bring rib wraps- for you not dinner- when that lady hugs KNOW yer hugged!
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LOL.....can't help it. I do not pass out hugs to just when I do, I gotta make em big hugs.
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Ima big boy... I can take it ;)
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