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My cold smoker

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I spent yesterday smoking in my cold smoker....

I loaded it with,
a pan of kosher salt
a pan of sea salt
some pecans
a string of jalapenos (slit but not seeded)
a pan of clover honey
a mixture of black olives, garlic stuffed green olives, and calamata olives

a homemade seasoned salt (Sea salt, kosher salt, raw sugar, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, coarse black pepper and ground corriander)

a homemade pepper blend (cracked black, white and cayenne)

a homemade pepper/salt blend (garlic and onion added)

Also...two kinds of mozzarella cheese, one monterey jack and one pepperjack cheese

The first thing I noticed is I need to build at least two more shelves.

I cold smoked at 65 degrees for about 6 hours.
Burnt down some hedge wood for a bed of hot coals, added pecan and apple chunks for the smoke.

Everything came out really tasty....

While that was cold smoking, I put a small rib roast in my hot smoker...

While I was in the firebug mood, I broke in my new tractor wheel fire ring.

It was a long day, but lots of fun.smile.gif
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Say Cowgirl, you've got your Q going on! I admire your persuit of happiness, and smoke too!
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I am jealous, looks like your cold smoker works better than mine LOL.
It all looks great.
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I wouldn't want to leave anything over at your house! You might smoke it, or burn it for fuel! You got it worse than me girl! hehehe whats next oatmeal!eek.gif

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Smoked oatmeal is good!
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don't you got some hotdogs in brine somewhere?biggrin.gif

If anyone has tried smoked oatmeal, I figured it had to be you!

No smokin for me today, did it all yesterday, got to sleep in and home improvements are done for now! Great reading all the sunday smokes threads!

Smoke on!

I think its about cocktail time, all star game is just an hr. away!
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Thank you rich, I sure enjoy trying new things.smile.gif
bb, your cold smoker is awesome!
Capt Dan, thanks for the idea........I've tried twinkies and do not recommend them.biggrin.gif
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Good looking grub. I like the tractor rim pit.

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Thanks kookie.smile.gif

I got the tractor rim fire ring for Christmas from some friends. It will work great for camping.

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Patty you did good. I also like your firepit. I am in the process of building a 4' od one out of landscaping stones. I am only going to put grill on 1/2 of the pit.
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Looks great.
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Girl you are a "smokin' fool". My-my-my ... All that smoked food just for "little-o-you? Great Job....PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Cowgirl, I can't wait for the results.
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Rock on Cowgirl!!!! I love seeing the food you do out there! Whatcha going to do with the jalapenos?
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Smoked honey? Man, that sounds wonderful. And my wife says I'm out of control?

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cman, that sounds nice. smile.gif
Please take pictures of it if you get the chance.
I'd like to build a nice one in my back yard.
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Thanks folks!
cajun, I have plans for every bit of it. lol
I do have to take back everything I've ever said about me eating healthy .....I had smoked olives for breakfast.redface.gif

Texas Hunter, the peanuts and pecans turned out awesome.....had some of them for supper last night. I might have to make a double batch next time.

Thank you Vlap! I haven't decided about the smoked peppers, they smell wonderful. I had thought about drying them for powder, but I might just slice them and use them in different dishes...maybe on nachos too.

Lou, I'm going to use the honey on biscuits and cornbread......so far I've only tasted it off of my finger. lol
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Whats wrong with that? Ain't like ya went to mcds and got 3 mcgriddles...
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lol, Thanks Vlap....I feel less guilty about it.biggrin.gif
Did I mention I stood over the sink to eat them so I wouldn't have to use a paper plate? lol
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done the same myself... now I know why I like ya ;)
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