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chuck roast and ribeye

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Both cuts are seasoned with Cow Lick from Dizzy Pig. The chuck roast is every so slightly over three pounds. I bought both pieces of meat from a local "naturally good" meat shop.

The chuck is in the Big Green Egg over Royal Oak lump and some mesquite. Some of it will probably be used in some chili.

The steak was grilled in the Weber over hickory chunks that were burned down to coals. I should have used more chunks and gotten the steak over them faster as the steak could have used more heat, but it turned out okay.

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Looking good so far!

Chuck roast make good french dips!
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That looks great! My local supermarket has a special on boneless chuck roast @ 2.29/lb.

Your Q-view has me one step closer to getting one of those to throw on the smoker Super Bowl weekend!
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Very good lookin' Q you've got there. Interesting how some folks are expanding to smokin' beef. I'm always for anyone pushing the envelope!
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I just bought 2 of them for $1.27lb
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That's steak sure is looking good camp cookie!
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Do it Sumo!
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Glued it must be nice to live where the cows walk right down your street. LOL. It seems as if you guys out that way can get beef and pork REALLY cheap. We got to pay top dollar and half the time we can't get much good smoking stuff.
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Good looking roasts. Looks like they will be tasty.............

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Looks good

Looks good and I love them there chucks!!!!!!!!!
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Here is the finished product:

I couldn't get the lighting like I wanted to to really show of the color. The little bits that I tried tasted great. It's now foiled and wrapped in a towel and resting. I'll probably slice off a little for a late evening treat, and the rest will go in the fridge.
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After letting it rest for an hour, I sliced off some for a late night snack and loved it. The seasoning and the mesquite went along well with each other. I used Sticky Finger's Carolina Sweet sauce very lightly and on the side as a dipping sauce.

The smoke was strong but good. I hope it's not too strong after it sets up in the fridge tonight. Next time I use mesquite I'll dial it back on the chunks.
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Man that looks good CC. nice pics too. I don't know bout the lighting, but pass me a piece of that chuck!icon_mrgreen.gif
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