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More Hungarian sausage

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I made another 82 lbs of my Hungarian sausage. Here they are before smoking. Pics after smoking will come.
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They sure look great so far!smile.gif
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Here is the finished sausage....YUMMY

The first pic is midway through the smoke. the second is after 6.5 hrs in the smoke house, here they are.
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Looks great.
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I'm impressed.
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share some with a fellow Hunky? ;{) Nice job!
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Great looking sausage.

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Thanks for the great comments. You know Richtee, I am not far from you. I am in Windsor, about 10 min from the bridge.
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please clear this up for me .as seen in other pics like these from other smokers ,are these cold smoked and hung out to dry or are they cook smoked like what i do in my smoke vault? theysure look good but not like mine.icon_question.gif
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Yes, these are cold smoked and will be hung out to dry.
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Looks mighty fine...lots a work there...great pics!
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It was a few hrs. Started Friday around 2pm, skinning and boning, grinding, Around 6pm started to mix seasonings in. Let sit overnight. Sat morning fried up a few small patties to taste, seperated meat, added hot pepper in 2/3. While this was resting, stuffed other 1/3. Fried up some hot patties, adjusted (made hotter) and stuffed. Finished hanging aound 5pm Sat. Sunday morning into the smokehouse for 6.5 hours in a cold smoke. Wiped off, hung on drying rack 6pm Sunday.
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