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Well here it is, in all it's "ugly" glory. Still need to play with the temp control, but it gets right up there. Am hoping to do 2 regular fatties today. Wind is gusting at 30. I'll see how things look come daylight. Played with chich wings last night, they turned out fair. Temp control thing.

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Woo dat shure is UGLEE! LOL! Looking forward to the beautiful Q-Views tho!
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It has the right name UDS. HE HEicon_mrgreen.gif I am sure you will get her dialed in in now time at all. Best of luck!!!!!!!!icon_lol.gif
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I have a couple drums like that but i worried what Might have been in them at 1 time or another.Would just burnning them out be enough??? would like to know cuz I need a bigger smoker.
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Form follows function.......
In other words don't matter how it looks. It matters how it cooks.icon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gif

Good job!
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Looks great Cajun! Bet it will put out tons of great food.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great, they work very well.
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I'm impressed already, looking forward to the finished product. Keep up the great work, and lookin' forward to your Q Views Cajun_1.
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Hey Cajun,

Did you get the Temp's working? I have been playing around most of the day with mine.
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Good job. Smoke on.

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Now that is one "ugly" drum...............I love it!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I've been trying to get that thru architects and designers heads for years. They KILL me.. "You can't put a motion detector/camera/keypad/whatever there!"

Well, did you want the system to work, or look better?

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In all honesty, this UDS just blows me away. Yesterday ... Wind at 15 with 30 /40 gusts. No problem to fire up. Went past temp quickly, had to throttle it back down. Threw 2 fatties on get to see if it would really do what it was supposed to do. In this weather ... "amazing" ... I could have smoked a butt.

The smell of the grease falling back onto the coals, then out the exhaust....Fantastic ....

Now ... Onto building #2 with all the bells & whistles.

This morning theres a foot of snow on it. Gonna get it into the garage..
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desertlites ... If your not sure of what was in those barrels, I personally wouldn't risk it. This really isn't a bigger smoker. It only has 1 22.5" grill from a weber grill.
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Geez...between you and Bubba..I think I may have to get "ugly" for my small rig :{)
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Mmmm, cajun, those fatties look great too!smile.gif
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Thanks cowgirl ... this thing was amazing.

BTW: It has now been named,

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just tell them to remember "form follows function"
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But they have been trained in a diametrically opposed environment. Almost "exact opposite". It's all about "graceful lines and complementing colors" Gags me, really.
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I'm aware of your words Rich ... We are in the same line of business.
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