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All wood in the ECB

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Have been slow/cold smoking a country cured 16.5 lb ham from the"Pig Party" thread over the last few days. It had cured 25 days, and it was time to get some smoke on it. Anyway....

After the 2 or so hours of a small pile of oak/hickory burning out under it yesterday, I wanted to do ribs for the NHL Allstar skills comp last nite. BUT..outta lump!

Oak to the rescue! Cut up 3 good sized splits and preburnt probably 5 lbs over the turkey fryer, and dumped into the pan. Was REALLY surprised with the amount of heat I got, albeit it did not last long, but I expected this and had another preburn going 15 min. after the initial.

Tossed in small chunks of hickory on occasion, and kept the oak coals flowing.

I was REALLY impressed with the quality of the smoke flavor! And the smoke ring... well, let's just say they were durn near "hammy", and TQ in my rub heh.

I'm gonna try this again soon. It's a pain in the backside with darn near constant attention, but I'll have to say... UNLESS it was dumb luck- the flavor was superior to any I have gotten with lump for heat.
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I've done that with squite & ironwood also Rich,pre burned part way first.Hickory and apple chips added for the Other smoke-sur keeps temps up there.And ya requires constent attention.whatever works heh?
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Here, Here!
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I'm sure your next smoke will be E to the Tee...
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sounds good but where are the pics?
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did it even happen?PDT_Armataz_01_21.gif

I didn't see any smoke ring, did you guys?
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YAH.......No Q-View ..........didn't happen..........lolol

i have a ton of ash to burn this year........but if it takes constant attention........will wait to try it, after it warms up and i can sit beside it and tend it.........climbing stairs up and down every 15 minutes would wear this old man out..........

i take it, you have a gourmet ecb?
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I actually have a Gourmet as well as the standard, but the standard is my main unit. The Gourmet was a freebie electric I gutted and use for the second stage of the ECB "squared".
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Sounds cool but where the q-view?

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Sometimes Kookie, time does not allow, or hunger does not. I DO have testimony from NCSweet and several other people if required ;{)
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man, i could SWEAR............that i can find posts where you said.........

no q-view didn't happen..............hmmmmmmmmmm

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Don't think I EVER said that D88de. While I understand it's premise, it is patently unprovable that it did NOT happen. Or did. "If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it..."
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Sounds good rich!!!
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