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Ribs do a body good

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well here i am again just got the ECB fired up and the fatties stuffed with hard boiled eggs and 2 racks of trimmed spares.. gonna be a nice day here in the ole' keystone state, mid 30's.. rubbed up the ribs last night now just waiting for the smoker to come to temp.

the ribs are rubbed with my variation of Jeffs rub and just gonna have them plain this time not stuffed like the last ones so on with the view
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Got three racks of back ribs goin on today. Cheaper than spares if you can believe that. Supposed to be near 60 and kinda windy. Gotta love Kansas.......
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Looks like a good feast there Linescum!!!
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Looks like a good start on the smoking today.

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That a great ideal about the fattie stuff with egg. Be sure to post pic of it.
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Fat Fattie

Just took the fatties off the smoker..made up some sausage gravy and some biscuits man was it good hope i have room for them ribs!!!!!!!!!!!
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Man if the Fatty's look that good, I can't wait to see the ribs.

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That egg stuffed fatty is a great idea! Can't wait to try it!
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WOW were these ever good..this post is late i couldn't get on the forum for about 3 hours but we're are the ribs, before the foil and after. i glazed these with balsamic vinegar and maple syrup. the smoke was apple with a hint of sassafras..the mutt was happy so i'm happy.
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Excellent post. It all looked great LS.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I think this site is still messed up a lil. Everytime I click on your thumbnails, view and then click the back button, it takes me back to the first post. Kinda strange. Them ribs do look very good, I like the egg fatty idea too, gonna hafta try that one.
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looks like there was a run on ribs this weekend
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It all looks great. Good ideal on the fattie
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Looks awesome linescum! Like your cute dog
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Great looking Qvue linescum. Doing a breakfast fattie this weekend. Think I'm gonna scramble the eggs first though.
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I don't normally like spares as much, but you guys are making them look good!
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Great looking smoke. I was gonna offer to take the extras off your hands, but looks like your pretty well covered in the "taking care of leftovers department".
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Great Job

Man everything looks great. Wish I'd been up north a little!!!!!!!!!!biggrin.gif
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