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way to stick it out Jr. Was fun chattin with ya last night and trying to nurse ya through it. I thought we were gonna hafta send paramedics to yer house! Looks like you did OK, and learned some stuff. Thats always a good thing. Thats part of the challenge. I would bet money, your next one will be alot better, and I am sure you will do another!icon_biggrin.gif
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Thanks Cap, the weather just turned to crap, so i need to wait until it breaks.

Question: How come I didn't get much smoke ring and what is the sticky black stuff (creosote) that was at the bottom of my waterbath?
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I don't know nearly as much as most of these folks, The black stuff would probably be tar or creosote from the smoke can(according to your pic).I am thinking your fire was too cold, or not enough flow.

Make sure you save the juices from the foiling, and seperate the fat from it, and put it back in with the meat after slicing/pulling.

I bet that squash was good!
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I'm going to guess the sticky black stuff was grease that dripped in there and cooked until dark. Looks good though, I need to do another chuck. As for the smoker ring, who knows it just does that sometimes. As long as it tastes good, who cares?
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Great looking chuck, Smoke.
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I am eating the leftovers as I type! I did save the liquids, they would make a great gravy for some mash 'taters!

My smoker has only one the top. It's propane so other than turning the heat up, I really can't do a lot. It isn't a big deal right now, i just don't want that stuff floating in my food. Thanks again to all!

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Way to go! I just did my first beefy roast Saturday, today I brought in some of the meat and heated it with some of the juice I saved and heated it up. I thought one of those guys was gonna ask me out! LOL!
They liked the stuff, 'we' did too!
Good post man, now whats on the menu.....icon_biggrin.gif
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Thanks Grandpappy! The meat was better the next day, but the squash was way too smokey for my taste!
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Well even though it didn't pull it still looks like a sucessful smoke. I too have been flustered by Chucks. Still a good meal. I have another one to try in the future and hope this one will pull for me. PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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