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Chebby dude, Chebby

my boy is a seabee in the navy, stationed in iraq at the moment

looks like he gets to come home end of march, fingers crossed
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hahaha, I bet its a toyota!PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif

whats that chuckie at Jr?
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Capt'n.........is that a DOGGIE snow suit on that dog..........geez........poor puppy..........

d88de reaches for the number of the spca..........icon_razz.gif
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Safe returns for you son. I'm Air Force and understand being gone.
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Hey Cap

It's at a scary 142*!

I say that because every hour the temp increase is smaller and smaller! I was hoping to have this for supper, but I may have to find some leftovers.
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LOL......you are getting ready to enter, drum roll please, the "STALL ZONE".........i have had beef stall for anywhere from 1/2 hour to 3 hours.........whatever you do, DON"T screw around with the heat, by turning it up.........its just summin you have to wait out..............
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Might need a snow suite, but he is a super hero!

To the bat cave!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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yep, do like he says, keep the heat the same 225-250 at the grate, not on the door therm, you do have temp at the grate right?
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just went back and checked your set up, looks like ya got the double temp probe thing goin on. Just hang in there, gonna hafta give the wife a salad or snack to hold her over for 2-3 more hrs.
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JR. how's it coming? I love doing chuck roast. They are so tastey, it's my favorite. Next to Prime Rib, but I can't afford that. Has it came out of the plaute(?) yet. PLEASE let us see it when it's done ok. My mouth is getting dry, I need some DROOL~!!
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Look great never tried one.
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Hey fellas!

How's the saying go.."No news is good news!". Well, not in this case! I will check the temp in 10 minutes. Last hour it actually dropped 1*icon_evil.gif
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Be patient that happens but all will be fine. Oh yea it looks and sounds good so far.

The stall period is a killer on the mind for me!!!!!!!!!!! Ya know as small as mine is !!!!!!!!!
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it has been on for 11 hours and is only 150*
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whats smoker temp?

my 10lb packers have taken as long as 16 hours.........
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smoker temp is 220*.
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i like to do beef at 250

but 230-260 is ballpark FOR ME......now.........not everybody tho
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First, I want to thank everyone for the tips and assistance. Second, after 11 hours, it's finally done!!!! I'll have the pics and details tomorrow after I get this bad boy rested, cut/shredded and pics taken.

Thanks again all!!!

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Well, we're waiting. I want to hear what temp it was pulled at and IF it pulled easily. I have found several different cuts of Chucks with some pulling easily, so no so easy. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif Dang butchers call everything a chuck roast now adays. Lets see some q view. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Ok fellas, here it is. My first chuck and it did ok. I learned a few things and I will try and pass along what I can. For those who have more experience please share. Bear with me:

Warmed up the GOSM to 220 and put the chuck on at 9am.

1st temp 930 meat 42* smoker 199* (not sure why so low)
2nd temp 1030 meat 67* smoker 232* outside 23*
3rd temp 1130 meat 92* smoker 237* outside 27*
4th temp 1230 meat 115* smoker 239* outside 29* mopped

5th temp 130 meat 127* smoker 228* outside 20* mopped
6th temp 230 meat 135* smoker 238* outside 30* mopped
7th temp 330 meat 140* smoker 235* outside 30* mopped
(added spaghetti squash and the last helping of wood)
8th temp 430 meat 142* smoker 220* outside 31* mopped
9th temp 530 meat 149* smoker 250* outside 26* mopped
10th temp 630 meat 148* smoker 220* outside 26* mopped
11th temp 730 meat 150* smoker 212* outside 26* mopped
12th temp 830 meat 156* smoker 245* outside 26* mopped

Pulled the chuck & squash off and threw chuck (literally) into the oven for 45 minutes. Pulled it out at 195*. I let is sit for only 30 minutes and sliced it up as it wouldn't pull. My initial impression was that it was chewy and hard to pull. Took a bunch into work today and it was amazing! I learned that I should start earlier in the morning and run the GOSM temp closer to 250. Also to let the meat rest for at least an hour. Well, here's a pic of the finished product and the squash! Thanks all --Jr.

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