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Hmmmm, it's all about Jeff!

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Well, I finally did it. Yesterday, I purchased Jeff's naked rib rub. Wow, how simple is it? Unbelievable!

Today I smoked a brisket as well as a rack of ribs (with membrane removed for the 1st time). Jeffs' rub is everything it's made out to be. It's just sweet enough but on the other hand it's got just the right amount of heat added in also.

I won't give any hints as to the concoction but I was amazed at some of the proportions of ingredients. Anyway, the man has done his homework. Spend the 10 bucks and you'll have a recipe that you can keep forever and won't have to worry about finding a product you like then having it discontinued by whoever makes it. It's got an incredible texture too. I just can't explain it.

Wish I would have done some Q-view but everything progressed so quickly that I just couldn't do it. I will smoke again soon and will take pics along the way.

Jeff, you did your homework and hopefully it will pay off for you. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your recipe. Take care, GregPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thats why, i make sure i have camera in hand BEFORE i start any smoking project..........hehehe

i could FLOOD this forum with pics i DIDN""T post...........heheheeh

but yeah i bought both of his recipes..............his rub on boston butts is to DIE for.......
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Just kiddingPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif It's good stuff. I make it quanities and use it on everything. I sprinkle it on all kind of non Q stuff too.
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LMAO.............heheheeh glued
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Nope, not suckin' up (yet,lol). I'm sick and tired of finding a good commercial rub to use and then have it discontinued. First it was the Oklahoma Joes products, then the Lawry's perfect blend for beef and pork and a few others along the way. I know good and well that I wasn't the only one using these blends but all were discontinued. Anyway, I had put off buying the recipe for a while and I'm glad I purchased it. A buddy today said "these are the best ribs I've ever had". So, obviously it's good stuff. Anyway, just thought I'd put in my 2 cents. Keep talking smack and I'll keep seeing lips smack at the good bbq I produce. There ya have it. (I'm only about an hour away from Jeff so I could have kidnapped him and the recipe if needed). Take care, Greg
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gt, I think he was talking about Walking dude being the suck-up!wink.gif
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OUCH captn...........what did i ever do to you.........ouch..........

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That's it... I've heard enough about these special recipies... just went and bought em. Look forward to trying them out for the Super Bowl.
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I purchased Jeff's rib rub and sauce and to me it is great, just adjust to your taste.icon_cool.gif
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You will not be disappointed
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So where ya from? We okies keep multiplying!

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Jeff's recipes are a wise purchase, relatively inexpensive compared to the compliments you will receive. Good stuff and a solid, life lasting investment.
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Is peter cottontail an okie?
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I'm originally from Tulsa. However, I now live in Gore, about 30 minutes southeast of Muskogee, at the end of the Muskogee Turnpike. I worked in Muskogee for 12 years, now I'm in sales and travel around Tahlequah, Sallisaw and Stilwell. It's good to see all the "locals" on the forum.

I guess I've got myself in a bind now. I now have to do some ribs for superbowl weekend. No problem. I think I'll do a few racks for Saturday nights UFC fights. I'll start early and do some q-view along the way.
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During the warmer months when working in that area, I always take my fishing equip. to stop by lake Tenkiller or the Illinois river. good clear water unlike the Ark river and keystone.
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OK, OK, I've been meaning to get Jeff's recipes for some time now. Thanks to theads like this I'm finally gonna get it done today.

post #17 of 18 won't go wrong in buying the recipes of Jeff's. I've had people asking me to give it to them but that is wrong. Pointed them to the site and told them to buy them like I did. It'll be one of the best investments you can make! Just awesome stuff and with the compliments you'll receive not to mention the great taste...the recipes pay for themselves the first time ya use them.
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If you are coming down here to fish, feel free to holler at me. I love to bass fish and just pulled out my fly fishing gear last month. So, if you need someone to fish with, let me know. Take care, Greg
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