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Beef slim jims

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I made 3 pounds of beef slim jims or snack sticks. I used 3 lbs of burger and lems backwoods mix and I doctored it up some. I also diced some jalapeno's and mixed in. I smoked them using mesqet wood. I made them about 6 inches long, I got 30 from the 3 lbs. This was my first time making them. They turned out pretty damn good. They have a nice heat to them but not to hot. I smoked them for about two hours till they reached a temp of 165. Then I used the tip of water bathing them. I stuffed them using my jerky cannon and a 3/8 th's tip.

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Great looking sticks !!!

I cut our meat sticks so they are a little longer than my favorite drinking glass. They make a great stir stick in a bloody mary !!!
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Man them look good, I bet they would be the cats patuti on a fishing trip, with an ice cold brewski!
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Nice job..
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those looked GREAT dude.......couple questions.......

i don't understand the tip of water bathing them.......i know.....probably fat fingered......btdt


you STUFFED these? and not just press em out of the jerky cannon onto a sheet and smoked without stuffing?

thank you for your patience..........

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d88de, I used 19mm edible collagen casing. I think they are more like a little sausage stick, then like jerky. I have tried just shooting them out with no casing and I didn't care for the texture of them. By using casings they stay softer and moister.
As for the water bathing them. After you take them out of the smoker you put them in water for a little bit. This stops them from wrinkling up, because of the casings. I read about it on here. Another thing it does is it washes off the grease on them.

I will say this they taste pretty good. When I was making them they reminded me of hot dogs and when I was done smoking them they reminded of breakfast sausages (the ones with casings). So I am thinking of sometime making breakfast sausages. When I was taking the slim jims out, they made me hungry for maple sausages.

Hope that answers your questions d88de.

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kookie,great lookin stix one of my favorite things.and ive made breakfast links before youll love em.
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Good looking stix Kookie! I gotta get after mine. I agree with you on the texture without a casing. They get kinda dry and woody, grainy. How was two hours worth of smoke?
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