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My smoker

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Wow you’re ready for some serious smoking. Welcome to the forum. I bet your friends will beable to find you miles away..LOL
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I like it, is it home made or does it have a brand name? I also like the counter weighted hood.
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I teach welding my high school students made it also the other one you see in the picture. We have 5 to build this semster the steel is 1/2 thick.
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P.S we have about 40 bucks in it. the metal came from a scrape yard which gave it to us
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I see that in how thick the fire box door is, very nice !!! That must really hold a nice even heat.....

So, do you use a 1 ton dually to move it? LOL !!!

If you are looking to make more, I will bet many here would place an order. I would personally seriously think about it pending price and driving distance to pick it up.
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Damn nice smoker.

Thats cool that you make them in shop class. I wish when I was in shop class we could have made something like that.

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What's that bad looking deee-vice in the background?
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That another smoker we made it does ok but I think we will cut it into and make another smoker it too long to hold heat.
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