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Garlion powder?

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I noticed that all my recipes require the same amount of Garlic powder as onion powder.

I don't know how many times I've grabbed one and then the other with the same mesuring spoon.
So this morning I decided to mix it together in one container.
I guess somethings take awhile to sink in! Lawry's garlic salt container works good due to it's size.

I thought onilic powder sounded well............?
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Sounds like a simple solution to me. My problem would be when I want more garlic I'd get the onion too... it's all good.
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I still have some seperate.
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I knew that (?), just testing you, and you passed with an A+!
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Not a bad idea. I have some empty containers, might have to try it out.

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My question would be how long before the onion is taken over by the garlic.
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It won't last that long!
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Heh...good. I bet in a month you'd not be able to tell them apart!
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