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saturday smoke a lil beef, a lil pork!

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Well I have had this nice piece of rib eye in my fridge for 3 weeks now, figured its about time to warm it up!

I cut it in half and sliced about 8 steaks off of the smaller side, and decided to smoke the other half! Rubbed it up fri night with some kosher, lil paprika,some onion salt,garlic pepper and black pepper, and along with the roast, I rubbed up 2 racks of baby backs with my usual rib/butt rub, and another rack with garlic pepper, paprika, turbinado, chili powder. I decided to roll them and skewer instead of the flat smoke, just to change things up a bit.

In they went at 9:30, after a 1 hr warm-up on the smoker. I just made a new fuel basket and a couple new tuning plates, so I am anxious to see how this smoke goes.
This is after 1 hr in the smoke(apple and Cherry chunks), meat was 65, smoker runnin between 225 and 245. You can see the new plates under the meat in this photo!

They are made from some steel chair backs I got from the scrap pile at a local manufacturer of out door landscape furniture. About 3/16 thick.

I will post more as the smoke continues.
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Looks good dan! Making my stomach rumble!

BTW- Where did you get your tuning plates?
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Man thats lookin good Capt Dan.Looks like to much for you to eat,I'll gave you my address in case you want to send me some.PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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Thanks guys, craig, I am gonna give my next door neighbor 1 of the racks. He doesn't like alot of salt because of his health and medications, but He has a killer snowblower on his lawn tractor, and keeps my drive pretty clear all winter long, as he has already done it again today, so its the least I can do for him.

G2 I got the chairbacks from a company called landscape forms.I know a few of the people who run the place, and these came out of the scrap bin. They had rolled edges and tapers on each end, but I sheared them off straight, and replaced my sheet steel drilled models I had before. The temps seem to be about what I wanted 245 at the fire box inlet, and 225-230 at the smokestack end. I can work with that, and still have 1 more chair back left to do any more mods with.icon_idea.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Mmmmm, that's gonna be awesome!
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Capt Dan, you really know how to hurt a guy... I haven't eaten a thing today. Now I'm going to binge!
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Well Dan since you 'inspired' this here smoke, I'll post a pic in your thread. Looking good so far...

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Good looking gurb guys.

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Indeed it is looking good there OGM! At least the wind aint howlin today for ya! Looking forward to your progress and reward!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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nice to see some q-view guys.... i am coming over to someones for supper tonight..lol
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Wow ! Im' starving
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Looks good

icon_lol.gif Looks good Dan. I like you mod idea also. Best of luck and keep that neighbor real happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Looks great Capt Dan!. Wish I was near. I am about 1 hour into a 9lb pork butt as I write this. I don't know if I can hold out for another 8 hours!
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Smoke is done, I am full, neighbors happily eatting his reward. This is the amount of wood used with about 7 lbs of lump today for the 5 hr smoke.

The bigger chunk is cherry, the others are apple. I cut them myself, then make them smaller in my shop.

Here is a view of the roast as I foiled the ribs, the beef is at 125.

Pulled the ribeye off at 147 degrees, and hacked off the end to see how I did.

The ribeye was excellent, and the rub I used set off a great taste along with the smoke flavor.I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of this piece of meat, and at 3.99 a lb, it was well worth all of it.very close to prime rib. I will be doing these again for summer pool parties for sure.

So we ate while the ribs were finishing up out of the foil. After dinner, they came off, 4 3/4 hrs after they went on. They turned out very good, and tender, good flavor, not as much pull-back as usual(not sure why) but still excellent taste. I only had a couple since I had just had dinner. Took one last pic after I had cut up the 2 racks I kept!

Well, thats how todays smoke went, liked the improvements on the charcoal basket, only had to load it twice for the whole time. It will take me some gettin used to. The plates seemed to work fine,I need to work on the improvement just a tad more.
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Nice smoke Dan, looks great.
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Good lookin smoke you got going there Dan...You will have to let us know how the rolled ribs turn out. I am curious to know if they take on all that delicious smoke flavor that way...
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yes they do, I like em better cuz they take up less space, and are easier for me to rotate, just grab the skewer thru the middle of the role and spin it a little bit. Here is the pic of them cut up. They never flatten back out, if you try to flatten em, they just tear away from the bones!

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Mine came out good. I could certainly try different flavors of preperation though. This was a whorcestershire-olive oil-montreal steak rubbed chuck roast. Took it to 165, then foiled it to 190. Glad I tried it.
The wife is baking french bread from scratch, gonna have some awesome grilled beef-n-cheese sandwiches!!!
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Great lookin' grub!!!!!
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Looks way tasty. I would say it looks like you been doing them chucks for a long time. Lots of different rubs and injections you can use.

Bet them sammy's are gonna be great! Nice job.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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