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First Sausage in the Frigidaire Smoker

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This is probably the best I've made so far (It's only my second batch ever). The first smoke in my Frigidaire brand smoker. Used some semi-green apple and peach limbs. The mix came from the sausage maker. I used about 2/3 venison and 1/3 hog jowl.

I don' think this will last long.

Jerky is on the menu for today.

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looks real good!
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good job it looks great
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That looks really tasty, and you're right, it won't last long!
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Looks tasty. What recipe did you use? Just wondering.

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It was a venison summer sausage mix from the Sausage Maker. I ordered it about 4 years ago and still had it in my freezer. I used every last spec of it so I need to either mix my own or order some more. I used quick cure #1 and the mix, stuffed it and let it sit overnight. After internal reached 156, I dunked in ice water until it got down to 100. Then I hung it in my basement for few hours to bloom and dry.

On a side note, I love my new hog ringer. Made stuffing the casings a lot faster. That was the biggest headache my first time around.
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Looks like you done an excellent job on them.
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I think my thermostat runs right on the money. However, the air seems hotter at the top than around the middle. Still need to find a fan.
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Great looking summer sausage, congrats !!!

I have thought about using hog rings but have never taken the plunge. I just use cable ties or some people call them zipper strips. Seems to work well and holds up to the low temps just fine.
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That's looks great.
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