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This weekends smoke

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It's suppose to be in the mid 30's this weekend so I figured I would fire the smoker up.
Picked up a Pork Loin and rubbed with OO and Jeff's Rub, I used Turbinado sugar instead of brown sugar when making the rub and i love this stuff..
Don't remember who posted that swap but Thanks....

I'm gonna smoke some Venison Italian sausage and some bacon wrapped turkey kilbasa cover with brown sugar. Oh and the wife wants Pig candy..
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Looks good, seaham. What is pig candy?
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looking good dude........

taking a break this weekend.......smoked from friday to sunday this last weekend................

now for SUPERBOWL weekend.......THATS a different story........
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Well that's an impressive shot of the pork loin. Could you taste the difference in the sugar swap out? I'm not smokin' this weekend, we've got storms back to back. i am going to do another Adobo taste test using a Carribean Adobo on a pork shoulder cut into chunks. Let see some Q Views on your upcoming smoke!
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Do a search for pig candy and there are a bunch of posts with it.
Here is a link for one of the posts

richoso1 I think that there is a big difference in taste, IMO its better. Its a more sweet taste. I have not used it on any smokes yet. I have used it on burgers when grilling and I have been putting it in my scrambled eggs and they are real good. I also put it on some wings that I cooked in the over,,,
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rich.........just did a google on adobo...........think i will try it this weekend, since i am not smoking either..........

so far, what recipe has stood out for you?

this method sounds like fun............
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Well, I've only completed the taste test on the Lodo Rojo (red mudd), and it is great. I have the Carribean Adobo cooking right now, and I'll have a new thread by the morning. These taste tests are fun, I have one more to test, the Mexican Adobo. Hopefully I'll have some new Q's for this summer. Have a good weekend Dude.
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Look's good, smoking to about 145ish???
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sounds like a great plan to me! I too like the Turbonado better, don't really taste much different to me in the meats, but it doesn't make the meat quite as black after the smoke.
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Nice looking loin
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Good looking pork. Good deal on the price too. I was just looking at boneless pork loins at the local supermarket here and if I remember right the price was like 2.49 a pound. And the smallest one was like 6 pounds. I wish they had smaller one, like you got. Its just myself so only need a 2 or 3 pounder. I will have to see what wally world has. Well have a good smoke.

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turbinado is good or demerara sugar which is raw sugar. brown sugar is processed sugar with molasses added and turbinado and demerara are sugar that never had the molasses extracted. the only difference between light and dark brown sugar is the amount of molasses added back in.I love to use molasses in cooking.
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only thing wrong i see, is , you should of posted this all by itself, by starting a new thread...........so ALL of us, make sure we don't miss it....................

GREAT looking job dude........you get points
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I agree with WD, good looking Q!
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Ya, nice thread hijack BUT well worth it!!!
Start your own thread so EVERYBODY can see that beautiful pic's!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Work today, Tomorrow, venison neck roast and Hy-Vees' .99 Pork butts
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Bacon over Loin ready to go on smoker

Pig Candy, Jeffs rub on Left and BS on Right


Smoker at work

Bacon wrapped Turkey Kibas

I tossed on some Venison sausage and Chicken thighs to make it a full grill
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nice dude, real nice...........did YOU make that bacon?
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It all looks great
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Chic and Venison Sausage

Pork Loin came out real good.. Very Moist and the Rub had a nice flavor.

Dude.... Oscar Mayer made the bacon..
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