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Boston Butt on sale

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Hormel butts on sale at Hy-Vee in Ames, Iowa for $.99 per pound. If you live near a Hy-Vee you may want to check it out. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Wow. Thanks for the tip. Will stop by there on the way home.
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Wish we had one of those store in Ky that a great deal on butts
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that is a great price I just paid $1.39\lb @ Costco
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Thats a good price. I was just looking at the store tonight and they didn't have a single butt in the case. All they had was a few butt steaks. Maybe next time.

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yeah........we get that type of sale bout once a month.......picked up a 4 pounder for summer sausage.........
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i just bought a 12 pounder for some bacon at 1.79.nice deal for youcool.gif
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Just bought a pork shoulder from Vons at .87 cents a pound. I need more freezer space!
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Bought 2 Fri. gettong more today
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Shop-rite had pork butts $1.01 lb picked up about 12 lbs myself, also a few lbs of neck bones for sp sauce for 59cents lb.
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...Butts are running 99 cents this week here too.....Hmmm, nothin wrong with good priced butt every once in a while!!
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Hey, boston butt bacon? I assume you just cure the whole thing and smoke it?
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de-bone it first...........then cure it..........its called buckboard bacon
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Piggly Wiggly here in Columbia, SC has butts for 99 cent a pound this week also.
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They have Boston Butts Pork loins for sale at my local grocery store. Is this what I want for pulled pork?

I apologize for a stupid question :)
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Boston butt yes, Pork loins no.
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if they are advertising it as a boston butt pork such thing.......its either a butt or a loin..............pull the butt.....turn the loin into candian bacon
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My mom told me it was a Boston Butt Pork Loin for $1.18. Well I got there and realized the difference. The Boston Butt was $.98! But they were in a two pack, but I guess that will allow me to mess one up on my first attempt :)
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Where can i Buy Boston Butts in Florence SC ?  I need approx. 40 Lbs. the end of this week Thank you Johnn Scaturro.

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Try Wally World, grocery stores or butchers.

Pork butt is also know by the following names, or some combination thereof:

  • Boston shoulder roast
  • Boston roast
  • Boston butt
  • Shoulder butt
  • Shoulder blade roast

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