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Venison Jerky

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This is venison strips I marinated in Dales steak seasoning,and a dry rub,I used kansas city cowtown steak and grill seasoning

finished after 4 hours using hickory for my wood
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They look great Phil!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I see a thermometer probe there. What was the final internal temp? Are you going to let the jerky hang longer?
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final temp was around 160 @ 225, next next time i will shoot for around 150 @ 225, the dales seasoning is strong so just a few hours to marinade.

I just let them hang until cooled,some of it didnt make that long
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I am not trying to step on your toes, but you cooked that venison rather than making jerky out of it. When making jerky, one might cold smoke it for 4 hours, but then it requires drying for several days if hung outside or less than that it you use a dehydrator. If you would like some help, there are several here including myself who will be glad to offer some assistance.
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I agree. I never go above 120 degrees when making jerky.
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Jerky or not, it still looks pretty darn good.
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I dont know what catagory I should have put this in, but if you try this you will go damn this is good stuff
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Great q-view Phil!
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Great looking jerky.

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I make jerky in the oven @ 150. Cooked or not, its darned good stuff.
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