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Grease drain

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My next project to my smoker is possibly a grease drain system of some type. I currently place two shallow baking pans on the bottommost shelf and put an inverted V channel over the joint to channel drippings into the pans in this area. This seems to work, but I do get some slight charring of the drippings, which I'm not sure I want. I have seen some elaborate set-ups, including a series of overlapping Vs and inverted Vs which basically formed a grid that caught everything and ultimately channeled the drippings to a single collection point. Any suggestions?
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How about taking a cake pan or cookie sheet that fits into your smoke and covers the area and attach a pipe to it. Have that pipe run out of the smoker and into a collection can. I would think a coffee can would work for a collection can. You might have to put the drip pan at a slight angle to get it to flow to the pipe. This should help get the grease out of the smoker and cut down on the charring. Hope this helps.

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How about a pic of your smoker so we have a clue to what your talking about?
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