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neva enuf BBQ

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I've read for quite a while, but I'm new to this forum. I live in New England where good BBQ is not always easy to find. It's here, you just have to know where to find it. Due to this lack, I've learned to do a lot of it myself. I'm sort of "Middlin" when it comes to knowledge. I can talk it with anybody, but I need to learn more. We entertain outdoors as much as we can, weather permitting. Most everyone likes what I prepare and serve. The only one who isn't satisfied, it seems, is me. I know that it can always be better. I use a Weber 22.5 kettle and a large, heavy duty professional style grill for charcoal grilling and smoking. I have a Weber Genesis gas grill for just grilling and roasting. I use an electric smoker which can hold up to sixty pounds of meat, fish or poultry at a time when I smoke and BBQ. I have a few other various size cookers around as well that I'll use when I get the urge. I prefer to use charcoal to smoke if I have the time, otherwise it all goes into the electric smoker. Being near the ocean, I find most of my friends really like smoked fish and seafood. I do a good bit of this, but I'm still looking for the perfect brisket. I'll be happy to hear or talk anything BBQ with anyone out there.
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Welcome to the forum. biggrin.gif
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Welcom to the forum, Tom.
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Welcome to the forum Tom. Lots of good information here and folks willing to share. Glad to have you
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Tom welcome to smf. We also love pctures of good Q!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the welcome. I'm sure I'll become an avid user. Tom S.
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Appreciate being welcomed. Thanks, Tom S.
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Thanks. I think I'm already learning. Tom S.
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Love your handle. How do you cook it? Thanks for the welcome. Tom S.
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Welcome to the SMF!! As you can see there are lots of friendly folks here!! And- we all love smokin' and sharing it on here!!
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Welcome to SMF! Don't forget the q-view .
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Welcome Tom...this is the place to be . Absolutly fantastic people here...loads of laughs and the best smokers in da world!!!! If you have some real good recipies or suggestions on fish please share. I live on our provinces biggest lake and its abundant with Pickeral, whitefish, Northern Pike, perch, and ling cod. Haven't cleaned a ling yet...ugliest suckers I've ever seen but they apparently are excellent meat! Anyway...Welcome aboard, your in for a treat here!
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Welcome to the site. Glad your here.

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Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome to the SMF, you're on the best smokin' site available to man. I'm looking forward to your smokin' stories, and Q View too!
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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