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Chickens, mushrooms & fatty

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Fired up my UDS today for the second smoke on it. Had 2 chickens, one injected with hot sauce, and hit with some magic dust. The other rubbed with lemon pepper, and injected with some milder stuff for the wife, and kid. Blake brought up a hunk of bologna he fixed up. Also had fresh mushrooms in italian dressing, and a fatty.

Bologna Wrap

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Nice looking grub you got there!
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Looks great Gramason!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
Even Blake's bologna looks tasty, and I've sworn off bologna for
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Lookin good Gramason, great q-view! I'll take a drum stick pleaseicon_wink.gif
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Ohhhhhh ... Your killing me with that UDS smoke. Great lookin' grub.
(maybe I'll go to town today for the parts needed to finish mine.)
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Thats some goodlooking chow! Great job.
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Looking good enought to eat there, Gramason. If you need any help putting that stuff away just holler.
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Thanks son, for the chicken and some fatty, Blake's bull lone eye twas yummy too !! Nice job .

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Looks like another successfull smoke.

Looks good.

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I'm going to have to try one of these bologna's on the smoker, they look sooooo good!
The yard bird and the fatty look yummy too. Nice job.
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Mmmm....Looks like a good smoke. Makin me hungry. Good job.

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