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Peanut shells?

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Recently, I watched Iron Chef on Food TV and saw the Episode Flay VS Crawford where Bobby Flay made a very unorthodox version of ribs by using an indoor smoker, then a wok full of oil in his creation of BBQ Ribs with Peanut Red Chile Sauce. Since I saw this show, I've been haunted with the [potentially incorrect] memory of Chef Flay putting peanut shells in the smoker. This seems like it could make a really strong and nasty smoke.... or maybe it's so good it's sheer genius! I can't find any clues to show that anyone else is doing this, so my guess is that it's a bad idea. If it was good, there would be at least 5 vendors advertising on sites like this, showing us that they have the best peanut shells in the world, right?

What are your thoughts?
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You know I throw em in the fire pit and they smell pretty good. Ahh peanut smoked chicken. My grandpa used dried corn cobs to smoke with sometimes, I don't know why but remember his fish always tasting good. Maybe someone on here has tried them.
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Flay is an egotistical a..h...e with no real concept of flavor. You asked.
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Awww...come on Rich.
I like to watch Flay....................

Get beat in his challengesicon_mrgreen.gif
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Fine just don't eat his food.
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Come on Rich, tell us what you really think! LOL
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I can't Ron..the Intergalactic Council has already warned me I'd be banished to the the Restaruant at the End of the Universe.

Don't panic!
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I saw that my post cross-linked to this SMF post: "Pecan shells for smoking?" It turns out that any hull (sans skin and nut) that is NOT died will impart some unique smoke flavor. I can see where corn cobs would work. I think with my WSM, I might put 1 cup in the water pan and 1/5 cup wet in the fire with some coal. I'll just do a few chicken legs and see how it goes.
Thanks White Cloud!
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I guess where there is smoke it don't necessarily mean there is fire or WOOD. When you think about it, to impart a flavor into meat , cheese etc... I imagine you could experiment with a number of things. What about a sprig of a fresh herb. ? OK got me thinking.
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Hmm no Hitchhiker's Guide fans here eh? Ah well. Funny books!

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Jimbo (wouldn't ya know)
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I should have guess YOU'D have read it...LOL!

To everyone else baffled and torqued by and because of this incomprehesible exchange- "WE APOLOGISE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE".
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I've heard you can use pecan shells to smoke with, I've never tried it but would if I had some shells. Anyone have pecans they want to send me?????
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A friend of mine who uses his smoker almost every weekend says pecan shells impart a bitter taste in meats. When he uses shells his choice is Hickory nuts. The nuts are very hard to crush, but when you do crush them along with the meat inside they have an oil that mixed with the shells does really well.
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Next thing you know it will orange peels and potato skins.PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

Is there a scientific term for our "smoke head" psychological ailment?

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[quote=Richtee;148959]I should have guess YOU'D have read it...LOL!

To everyone else baffled and torqued by and because of this incomprehesible exchange- "


Hay Rich, that the motto of our Airline!

And back on topic, I've thrown garlic cloves in the smoke, but I can't say it makes much difference.
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Try cracked or whole peppercorns :{)
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Richtee, you've been there and done that... my applause.
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ancient chinese secret

add peanut butter to a glaze or put some in when you foil.....
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Don't know about peanut shells, but my granpa use corn cob alot. Some of the best ham and bacon in the world came out of his smoker! Wished I would have been old enough to pay attention to his ways. icon_rolleyes.gifPDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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