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Custom Smokers, Drool Alert!

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This guy is right down the road from where I work. Off FM 1960 in Humble TX. The "Diesel Chrome Stacks" are directional and his personal signature piece.
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Nice! I especially like the vertical box on the horizontal smoker. That's something I had thought about adding to my chargriller pro.
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Very cool smokers. But a little rich for this boy.

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i want the one, with the roof that folds up to a traveling has a beer cooler with tap...........DROOL
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Seriously, anyone ever built...

Seriously, anyone ever built a folding roof for a trailer rig? If so, any pics? I am tired of using an EZ-up:-)
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WAY overpriced! And his fireboxes are huge (30"X30"!!!??? crazy!). Combined with the oversized exhaust these things must burn a BUNCH of wood.
They look nice though.
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I agree with Mike on this one. Big fuel hog. Think for about $150 more, I'd get a Lang Patio 48.
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