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Howdy all. I've got a question about which is best smokin element inside of smoker or a fire box on the outside of smoker.
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Whichever you have and/or will get the most use from is the best one, IMHO.
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Murphy welcome to smf. Be sure to hit the rollcall and give a proper intro to tell us a little about yourself. As for your question I am not quit sure what you are asking. But if your asking about smoker preference I prefer one with a side firebox?
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Hi Murphy!
I like the side firebox too, everyone has their favorite kind of smoker...I just like my horizontal wood burner.
You could get both!smile.gif
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Welcome, there are several ways to go and a bunch of thread on each here. Personally I'm fond of a real stick fed fire in an offset firebox, but check out what others have to say on the subject.
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Welcome to the forum Murphy. I agree with Goat: whichever one you will use and get the job done is the best. I personally use a gasser, because I'm pretty lazy and don't want to mess with having to tend a fire. Everyone has their own preference and any of them will produce a good smoke. Hope you find what you're looking for here.
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HI Murphy,
I have a GOSM (vertical gasser) and a horizontal off set stick burner. I enjoy using both of them at different times. For example, if I'm busy around the house and want some Q for dinner, I would likely set up the GOSM and go for it (requires less attention). But if I have the time and I really want relax and to get the true flavor of wood and perhaps have a bunch of "hairy legs" over and some adult beverages ..... perhaps some cards, then I'm likely to fire up the off set and just enjoy the experience of smoking .... something about the smell of the pit drifting across the patio .... regardless of the wood or meat used. Builds one heck of an apetite. Whatever your choice, I hope you enjoy smoking and certainly the fine Q that either smoker is capable of producing.
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Thanks for all the input. I'll think I'll build it with both for the hec of it.
Thanks again and God Bless
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Welcome Murph.
Intro yourself in roll call. Tell everyone about yourself and what you are working on.
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Hi Murphy, I've only ever used a side firebox smoker , but I'll tell you I love it and would need some real convincing to buy anthing else
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I use an electric little cheif. I like it, but mainly when I started out I didn't want to invest alot because I wasn't sure how much I would use it and what I wanted at the time, so it was a good starting point for me. Now I have two of them and I have moded both of them. The only reason I have two is the second one was a freebie. It all depends on what you will be using it for and how much and your buget. It's just myslef and I do mainly jerky and other smaller dishes so the little cheif works for me. But I am looking at getting a bigger smoker. Looking at getting into making sausge.

just my 2 cents.

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fWell heck, if you're building it you can do it however you want. Then change, add, modify as you go along. I think any homebuilt of any type is always a work in progress, and ultimately reflects its creator. Good luck.
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What ever you do DON'T ASK KEV
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Good Advice

Anyway, I think he is busy working with NASA on a new Spaceship to Mars....... it only cost about $400 - $500 to build!!!

OK, I'm just cracking a joke here all in good fun, Right?
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