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what no sauted bolagna for breakfast with the fried eggs? What about bolgna veggie soup for lunch. And the grand finale of Seared bologna steaks au pouvoir. Just get inventive ;)
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It may be therapy for cowgirl.
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LOL.....well.....I did enjoy it.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Curious where you all find big chubs of bologna? They are not common here in the land of sushi and soy. wink.gif

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geat looking smoke,as always cowgirl PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Guess you saving that beef in the freezer until they stop looking for it eek.gificon_smile.gif
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Jim, my local grocery store and Walmart carry chub bologna in 3 and 5 pound hunks.
You might find one at a deli?

Thanks Brandsbay!
This is a chub I did earlier this year.....but you are right I'm keepin the beef stashed til it's safe. lol biggrin.gif
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I love baloney, I wonder if ring baloney would absorb more smokey flavor quicker...icon_rolleyes.gif

Smoking baloney... I'm sure there's a dirty joke in here somewhere, but I'm not gonna do it
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I've tried removing plugs out of the bologna before too...(kind of looks like swiss cheese) the smoke will penetrate farther into the meat.
Really thick sliced bologna would probably work great too. I need to give that a try.
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Reminds me of Home and my younger days!

Cowgirl, the Bologna reminded me of my days at home in Texas. I grew up in central Texas and ran all over the state as a welder and Oiledriver on hyway bridges. While in the Watauga area(just north of Ft. Worth), I stopped in to a little service station and got a sandwitch for lunch; the sign said BBQ Bologna and the air smelled so good,(you know,that BBQ munchie thing). One wasn't enough so I grabbed 2 more and ran back to the job site. And , NO, I didn't share, those Knuckleheads would have to go get thier own!!! Anyway I've done Bologna several times since then. About 2 hrs. of intense smoke and out to slice, top with dill slices and onion with a little of my sauce on the bread and"Heaven". Thanks for reminding me and it's on my party menu for this Saturday!! Fellow Southerner- BBQFAN!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Mmmm BBQFAN, your description has me hungry! lol...I think I need to smoke another one now. biggrin.gif
Good luck with your party and take pics for me if you get the chance. :)
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That settles it - this weekend the ecb gets bologna-fied.

Jim <-- off to the delibiggrin.gif
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