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I think I will make a fish sculpture out of one of my bolognas and see how it tastes deep fried. lol

Take pictures!
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Damn Cowgirl!
Just how many folks are you feeding? You must have a passel of people considering all the table spreadings you produce! Lucky for me I have renters next door with five kids, no problem getting rid of leftovers for me.
Love Y'all Jimbo
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LOL...Jimbo, it's just me, and no I do not eat all of it, I usually make something with the leftovers or freeze some.

Or in this case, make a sculpture of a red fish with some of the bologna.icon_lol.gif
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WEll I am stuck at work...38 more minutes... then go home feed the dog, let her out and then off to the beach... I am ready! I have not fished in 3 whole days PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif Tomorrow I sell my kayak and then friday pick up my new one!!! Then sat I go fishing and have a picnic on a mangrove island at the mouth of tampa bay and the gulf of mexico...then sunday more fishing. Maybe I wouldn't be sooo very single if I ever did anything other then kayak, fish and smoke. Then again what fun would life be if I didn't live it this way.

Fish shaped fried bologna... hmm add some thai fish sauce and you might have something ;)
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Ahhhhh, sounds like the life!

I'm probably going to bundle up.......feed animals.......what the heck, I can't top your weekend Vlap so I'm not even going to try. lol
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Whatcha need to do is get a solar heater system and get that pond of yours warm. Get the pumps and system to turn it salt and stock it with redfish and alot more of your shrimp. Get some trout in there as well.
Then you could bundle up in a snow storm and walk out there and flyfish in a blizzard for saltwater fish.
Now that would be cool icon_wink.gif You should post more picts of your land. I bet that would make me jealous...
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Well, it might work.....I have the plans somewhere to add a pump to the base of my windmill for an aerator, I would need that........hmmmm, I'll have to think about it.biggrin.gif
I'd have to add a LOT of shrimp, I know the fish would eat them while they are young. I'm pretty fond of homegrown shrimp.smile.gif
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That's alot of "Bologna" ya got there girl ...biggrin.gif
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Great smoke Patty! Looked excellent.
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Thanks Cajun and DS!
Guess what I'm having for supper.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Let me guess......icon_mrgreen.gif
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LOL....you guessed right Cajun!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Sure looks yummy!

Looks great! Good idea with the skewers, I do that on poultry skin in the fatty areas to help crisp em up. Barbeque Acupuncture!!!
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Sure looks yummy!

Looks great! Good idea with the skewers, I do that on poultry skin in the fatty areas to help crisp em up. Barbecue Acupuncture!!!
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Ya full of bologna? ....icon_mrgreen.gif
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leftovers this is my first one and took the overs to work then just history
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Steve, I like the sound of it...Barbecue Acupuncture! lol

Cajun, I can honestly say I'm full of bologna.......icon_eek.gif

Morkdach....good looking stuff!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Barbecue Acupuncture

Maybe a new forum topic, Barbecue Acupuncture? nay, its bologna!
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I've been smoking bologna (baloney down where I come from) for years. I smoke these 1 lb. chubs of Frick's Balogna.
No need to poke holes in it, they smoke just fine. Just be sure you remove any wrapper.
I smoke them plain and sometimes sprinkle a little rub on them. These have rub.
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Good looking bologna Mike!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I've smoked them before too. When I use bacon, I like to poke holes so the bacon drippings can penetrate into the meat. Adds a lot of flavor.

I'm about bolognad ? out for awhile.....think I'll find something healthy to smoke. lol
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