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free char-broil w q-view

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it arrived today took your advice on getting it. its better built than i was expecting and heavy. shipped ups heavy 132lbs showed up ugly & beat to s**************t i looked it over oh well free. i see 2 mods right off the git go little plastic wheels have to go make a trip to harbor frieght for 10" pneumatics and stack needs extened down and better flo control on top of stack.
what do ya all think.

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Can't go wrong with free.....make the mods your talking about and let us know how the first cook went!!
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I would advise against a damper on the exhaust, NEVER a reason to dampen that unless you want creosote tating food!! PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif

I would suggest a charcoal basket for controlled longer burn's and don't forget to season it first! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
Can't wait to see it together and working!
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was thinking more to keep moisture in while cooking and it out when not on the stack not so much to control heat and bring down lower than meat racks what do you think
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Extend the pipe down to the grate with that metal flex dryer vent stuff... and leave the stack all the way open... theres a thread of mods you'll wanna look at for it... thats one of a few... when i put mine together Gramason had his for a while and gave me a hand... like stove caulk between the firebox and smoker... i flipped the large curved charcoal pan/grate upside down in the smoke chamber the arch matches the opening in the firebox-it evened the heat out pretty good... put some angle in the firebox and expanded metal over the removable belly plate in the firebox.... the few little things i put off doing... i did later and was glad i did.... search for that thread... they are good mods! if you need more info let me or Gramason know...
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how do i search for a thread sounds like some good ideas
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