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Regulator And Valve Questions

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I am new to propane. I have the BBQ Grillware smoker that does not have a regulator at the tank, just the control on the unit. Is the control the same as a regulator?

Someone posted that I should get a needle valve for the tank, is this correct?

Would I be gaining anything by doing so?

The smoker is rated at 15k BTU

Next 2 questions are general and not related to the BBQ Grillware unit.

On adjusting a propane burner, what would cause the burner to go out on non-windy days? Medium to high flame, tank 1/2 full.

Also, black soot on 1 side of burner what would cause this?

Any advice relating to propane;

Low Pressure
High Pressure PSI Etc...?

Thanks in advance.
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I am not familiar with your smoker but IMHO you need a low pressure regulator coming out of the tank. The burner going out could be a result of not having a regulator keeping a steady pressure coming to the burner. Black soot on one side of the burner could be the result of an incorrect air mixture. It could also be the result of a cobweb that was built in the burner. Take an air hose and blow the burner out to remove any insect homes or rust that might be contributing to this problem. I have and use several different needle valves. Most applications are on high pressure burners like one would use on a fish or turkey fryer. They are also usable on low pressure burners as they are a very good grade of needle valves. I hope this helps.
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Your control knob is the regulator.
If you are having problems maintaining low temps, you might consider a needle valve. Use caution, low flame can blow out and gas would still be flowing.
Are you bottom vents open/closed?
Are you sure the tank is only 1/2 empty?
Clear any type of soot from burner. Black soot can sometimes be a sign of creosote, which is bad stuff sometimes caused by too much smoke.
These are not facts, just food for thought. Good luck and be careful my friend.
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You should have a regulator coming out of the tank. Most of the low pressure regulators are not adjustable. The control is on your smoker, use it to raise or lower your flame/temp.
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I am not familiar with your smoker either. I do know that there should be something there to regulate the flow of gas other than the control valve. Yes a needle valve here would be a could choice.
Flames going out on non windy days. This is due to improper gas flow or improper gas to air mixture. Are the flames lifting from the burner at all?

Sooting could be caused by improper mixture also. Are the flames real yellow? They should be blue with a tiny yellow tip.
It can also be caused by flame impingement. Flame touching something it shouldn't.

Cleaning the burner with compressed air is a good start.
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Thanks for everyones help. BTW the tank is for sure 1/2 full :)
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Improper air mixing... something is causing the air and gas not to mix properly on the weird acting side.
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Try making a setup simular to this. You can get everything at loews or homedepot! Hope it helps it worked for me!!!!!!!!!

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Will check it out, is the gauge a meter for the amount of propane in the tank?
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See it helps to know everything if you are asking a question. The way your question was worded it seemed like all this was with the same smoker.
You mentioned nothing about the afterburner or the Chargriller in the original post.
Check the opposite end of the burner where the gas comes in at. There should be a damper that is on the tube. Close it down some to allow the flames to settle. If the flames are lifting you are getting to much air.
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Sorry about that, I got a call as I was posting. I meant to add reference to the After-Burner after the line "Next 2 questions are general and not related to the BBQ Grillware unit."

Thanks for your help!
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Yes I just added that for my benifit. That with the rest will run about $20.00!!!!
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